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Universal Testing Machine Supplied to a Reputed Client in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Continuing our quest to provide highly technical and advanced material testing solutions in the Middle East and GCC region, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied good quality universal testing machine to a big client in the Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. In this project, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied equipments for the whole Material Testing Laboratory. And, our scope was supply and installation of Universal Testing Machine manufactured by Walterbai – a world renowned Material Testing equipment manufacturer. The TTM material testing machines provided by us are inventive, durable, and useful especially made for doing thorough testing of various specimens. You can get in touch with us for such machines in the Middle East and GCC area.

Universal Testing Machine

Features of Universal Testing Machine

Inventive TTM testing machines have single test space and they have been designed for doing various testing such as compression, tension, bend, folding, cyclic testing, and are specifically suitable for testing different metals, fasteners, construction materials, and components. All models in the TTM series feature a stiff load frame either in double – or four – column design for less safeguarding requirement and less reaction at sample failure. The setting comes with servo-actuator, which is placed in the upper crosshead with a big piston stroke which makes testing space available for easy and competent testing of different material samples.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading material testing equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We supply Metallography Lab Equipment, Mechanical Testing Equipment, Civil Engineering Testing Equipment, Metrology Equipment, Laboratory Furniture, 3D Printing, Furnaces & Ovens, Weathering Testing Equipment, Industrial Testing Solutions, Solar Testing Equipment, and Fire Testing Equipment in this segment. The company has delivered many quality material testing equipments in this region. If you have such materials requirement in for any laboratory or testing institution, then feel free to contact us.

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IAU Exhibition Sees Magnificent Education and Training Equipments

IAU exhibition was held from 12th to 13th March in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quality education & training equipments sourced from global manufacturers were shown at this year’s symposium. The event aims to provide impetus to an important aspect, called “vocational training” for the establishment of a Renewable Energy sector by imparting Renewable Energy Training to the students. Dutco Tennant LLC is a world famous education and training equipment supplier in the Middle East and GCC area.

This event is held to promote awareness of the need for vocational training for solar and wind energy sector and its development, productivity and growth in the region.

Education & Training Equipments in IAU Exhibition

Education & Training Equipments at IAU Exhibition :

IAU event provides a platform for leaders in education, vocational training institutes, industry, service providers, and government to come together and exchange ideas on developing different types of training instruments. The area discussed include but are not limited to training facilities, certification, professional development, and qualification programs to help in the formation, support, and increase of qualified workforce for the renewable energy sector.

The exhibition also aims to promote awareness of the national training policy framework and road map for renewable energy sector and efforts which have been planned and adopted for practical and timely execution of the National Transformation Plan.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Education & Training equipments provider in the Middle East and GCC area which aims to promote renewable energy growth in this region, and provides world class equipment for this purpose.

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Superior Rapid Thermal Processing Unit Supplied to a Research Institute in Gulf

A leading research institute client in Gulf was supplied a Rapid Thermal Processing Unit. In this project, our work scope was supply, installation, and full training for Rapid Thermal Processing Unit for solar cell research. This inventive product has been manufactured by Annealsys – France. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading analytical and research equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area.

Rapid Thermal Processing Unit

About Rapid Thermal Processing Unit:

This is a powerful rapid thermal processor unit which may be used in research lab in the universities. It has a compact table top rapid thermal processor with vacuum competence used for research applications. It can work with small millimeter to inch size samples.

Quartz tube process compartment with steel flanges and tube shape infrared lamps furnace lets running the device up to 1250°C temperature with fast ramp rates. The advanced temperature controller lets you accurately control temperature in the furnace. You can easily load and unload the wafers. Inventive Rapid Thermal Processing Unit from Annealsys – France can do various rapid thermal annealing processes at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.

Common processes which you can do with this device are Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA), Implant annealing, Ohmic contact annealing, Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO), Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN), Densification and crystallization, and Dopants Diffusion.

Main features in the product are high temperature range up to 1250°C, fast ramp rate up to 250°C/s, gas mixing ability with flow controllers, high vacuum range, thermocouple temperature control, optional pyrometer control, complete PC control with Windows attuned software. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading research equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. Contact us for quality solutions from world’s leading manufacturers.

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Quality Lighting Control System for U.A.E. Newly Included in Our Product Line

Inventive new products – lighting control system have been added to our products’ list for clients in the U.A.E. These products are from reputed global manufacturers like Helvar, Philips, and Leviton. Providing superior products for clients, we have gathered complete knowledge of the Emirates market, and these new products are advanced solutions to meet various necessities. Dutco Tennant LLC is a principal Business Technology Solution provider in the Emirates market.

Lighting Control System

About Lighting Control System:

Sensor-based automatic control ensures efficient lighting use in the rooms and spaces. Lighting control systems makes smart use of your lighting resource, and sensor-based lighting control can help you meet your energy saving goals. Sensors based lighting control depends on room occupancy and levels of light already present before any additional lighting is switched on.  Therefore, appropriate lighting level is maintained for the expected user experience, and energy savings. Lighting control system provided by Dutco Tennant LLC lets you meet these requirements.

Present day buildings are expected to do the maximum use of natural daylight to save energy, and at the same time ensure people’s comfort. A concept called daylight harvesting is used in modern facilities so that natural daylight can provide the light required, and where the electric lights can be controlled in response to varying natural light levels. Dutco Tennant LLC’s multi-sensor lighting control systems observe natural light levels and through constant light control, regulate electric lighting to keep up the suitable light level in the facilities. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Business Technology Solutions supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. Contact us for such advanced solutions.

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Quality Leica GS16 RTK & Leica Zeno 20 Products Supplied to a Government Client in U.A.E

Adding to the list where we have successfully completed many projects, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied Leica GPS GS16 RTK set & Leica Zeno 20 products to an important government client in UAE. The company played multiple role in the projects such as pre-delivery inspections, configurations with grid parameters settings, and applications training. Products will aid the client in landscaping, surveying, and mapping for all infrastructures designing work. Dutco Tennant LLC is a famous civil infrastructure products supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area.

Surveying Products

Features of Surveying Products:

Leica Viva GS16 is an easily usable, compact, powerful, and self-learning GNSS smart antenna which works with the leading RTK technology. The Viva GS16 goes with the latest standards in measurement excellence with features like RTKplus and SmartLink. Present technological landscape demands a GNSS receiver to be better than ever before. Leica GPS GS16 RTK cleverly adapts to varying conditions by choosing the optimal signals to convey the most correct positions. Inventive RTK lets you work more professionally and in more demanding work environment than ever before.

Enjoy continuous correct positioning even when the local rectification service is not available due to impediments or lack of cellular coverage with the universal SmartLink service. Even when there is no reference data, you can work fully remotely with SmartLink.

The Leica Zeno 20 makes daily data capture simpler for GIS field personnel. Leverage the advanced technology’s strength in one amazingly compact device. So easy to use that it will become your essential tool. Device gives data which is fully accurate so that you will always be sure. It makes you so industrious that you will be able to fully utilize your workday. Made strong enough to face harsh work site conditions, the Leica Zeno is provided with hard-wearing IP67 powder and water-resistant rating. You can work from anywhere using the Android app that shows RTK-corrected GNSS positions. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading civil infrastructure surveying products supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area.

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Quality FE SEM Solution Delivered to an Important College in Sharjah

With a brilliant track record for providing advanced analytical and material science testing solutions, Dutco Tennant LLC is making headlines for yet again supplying lab FE SEM Equipment to a college in Sharjah. In this project, our scope was installing, supplying, and training people on FE SEM (Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope) Equipment. Our company is a primary analytical solution and material science testing solution dealer in the Middle East and Gulf area.

FE SEM Equipment

About FE SEM Equipment:

Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEMs) gives images by scanning a substance with a focused beam of electrons. When the electrons interact with atoms in the sample, they generate signals containing data about surface topography and composition. These SEMs can produce images with resolutions ranging from just a few nanometers to the sub-nanometer range.

Block face imaging used in these equipment is fast and suitable method to perform 3D imaging with nanometer resolution. An ultra microtome is used inside the FE SEM Equipment chamber to repetitively cut and image your resin surrounded cell and tissue section. Using these material science testing solution equipment you can produce thousands of serial images in a day. Quality Block face imaging technology delivers perfectly aligned images in the quickest time and in the easiest way.

Your FE-SEMs from Dutco Tennant LLC are ideally suited to give good resolution 3D data. The unique technology delivers clear images in large field views with nanometer resolution. Block face imaging of numerous microns of your sample in one go decreases overlap and saves time. Superior quality FE-SEMs from our supply line lets you do block face imaging of even large samples with wonderful image quality.

Use variable pressure technology to reduce imaging artifacts. Our solutions give best low voltage performance and utmost flexibility. You can now enhance your FE SEM Equipment with Focal Charge Compensation to abolish charging artifacts. Our systems run with brilliant long term constancy without any maintenance need. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading analytical solution and material science testing solution provider in the Middle East and Gulf area.

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Superior Quality Bio Reactors Supplied to a Illustrious University in Gulf

According to our resolve to bring the latest technologies to the Middle East market, Dutco Tennant LLC supplied highly developed Bio reactors to an important and renowned education institution in the Gulf. The product has been contrived by Infors Ht, Switzerland – a well known manufacturer. In this project, our work span was delivering, installation, and complete training for the users. The Bio reactors named as Multifors 2 and Minifors 2 are bench-top Bio Reactors used for doing sustainable energy research. Dutco Tennant LLC is a well known analytical solutions dealer which includes class research equipment.

Bio Reactors

With Multifors 2 you can continue six bio-processes together. Selection of preconfigured packages and various connection potential and options, equips you for optimizing urbane bio-processes on a small scale. Inventive Multifors 2 is a compacted, free-standing reactor device with six culture containers on three base parts. To give you more suppleness in the lab, we have arranged the containers into groups of two which you can take apart or rearrange as you like. It has an integrated touch screen controller which lets you see your bio-processes at a glance, and control your containers.

Benefits of Bio-Reactors:

Integrated analog feed pump is a regular feature which makes the bioreactor straight away ready for tasks. The unit has three digital pumps for bases, acids, and anti-foaming agents. You can use up to four things (Air, N2 , O2 and CO2 ) in virtually any combination. You can select either a mass-flow regulator or a rotameter for accurate feed. Based on the requirements, additional sensors and actuators can be linked.

Minifors 2 is a compacted and easily usable bioreactor with varied application possibilities. It is a whole package that enables both, basic and experienced users to effortlessly do microbial work. The Minifors 2 makes working with bio-process simple. The bioreactor is delivered ready to use. Plug in the device, place the vessel, attach pumps and sensors, and start working immediately. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and well known lab research equipment supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area, contact us for such products.

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Long Lasting Manhole Covers Supplied for a Residential Project in U.A.E.

For many decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been supplying good quality ductile iron manhole covers for clients in the Middle East and Gulf. We got the opportunity to provide international quality manhole covers. Dutco Tennant LLC is recognized as leading company for supplying trustworthy, famed and vital civil infrastructure products in the Middle East and Gulf area, you can contact us directly for such products in the Middle East and GCC area.

Manhole Covers

Manhole covers are removable plates which are used as cap to cover manholes. Manhole covers are very useful as they can prevent anyone or anything from falling in such holes and also keep out illegal persons and materials from entering into these holes. Latest covers are usually made by tough ductile iron which is highly corrosion resistant, and can resist heavy vehicular traffic. A manhole cover is usually made of a metal base with a smaller inset rim that fits the cover. We work directly with renowned Manhole cover manufacturers in the world to offer strong, low-priced, and heavy covers that are commonly used in Airports, Railways, car parking lots, pedestrian areas and other residential and municipal works.

Established four decades ago, Dutco Tennant LLC is world’s leading civil infrastructure products supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. Working closely with International standard complaint manufacturers and exporters of high quality cast iron and ductile iron manhole covers, we are reputed suppliers in the Gulf region. With long track record and vast expertise we have a commitment to providing high quality products for many civil infrastructure products. The Company has received many awards and recognition in this field and may be truly relied upon.

Contact us for good quality manhole covers in the Middle East and Gulf area.

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International Quality Silt Curtains Supplied for a Beach Project in U.A.E.

Many beach projects in the Gulf and Middle East have been completed by using our impeccable products. Continuing our story for supplying fine quality products for marine projects, we have supplied good quality Silt Curtains for a project called Stabilization of Al Soufouh Palace Beaches, Dubai. For many decades, Dutco Tennant LLC has been providing superior quality Silt Curtains for different projects in the Middle East and Gulf area. Good quality Silt curtains manufactured by world renowned vendors have been provided by us for many projects. Care has been taken to design every Silt curtain with best things available, and they have been made to suit varying marine situations and backgrounds.

Silt Curtain

Magnificent Silt curtains manufactured by renowned vendors in the world utilizing high quality components, and designed to suit varying marine conditions and environments have been supplied by us. Each silt curtain is designed to act as a barrier to reduce the silt spread and other things generated through dredging, marine construction and other actions. In addition to the standard curtain range, we arrange fully customization curtains as well which can go with every unique challenge and prerequisites.  Our curtain supply has been manufactured internationally keeping local conditions in mind, and therefore our distributors can provide installation services, timely and competent after sales support including maintenance and renovation enhancing the products lifetime value.

One important thing to consider here is that correct silt curtain model is selected for your marine project. It should be able to bear the hydrodynamics and related forces from natural environmental conditions, as these curtains will be exposed to various loads from tides, currents and waves.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Silt curtains supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. You can get in touch with us for quality Silt curtains at very competitive price.

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Aiding in Constructing World Class Bridges in Dubai

Constructing world class bridges require quality bridge building parts supply.   A new bridge project in Dubai required quality Bridge Bearings supply. Dutco Tennant LLC got the opportunity to supply magnificent Bridge Bearings for this client in Dubai. We gave this inventive solution for the project named Dubai Creek Harbor Development Island District. In this project, Dutco Tennant LLC’s work scope was to supply Bridge Bearing (North & South Bridges). Our Company, big, famous, and dependable is a leading bride material supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. As we are a reliable bride making parts supplier, you can directly get in touch with us for such requirements in this area.

Bridge Bearings

Bearings are used to pass on vertical and horizontal loads from the bridges to the substructures, at the same time they permit specific movements like expansion and rotations by the superstructure, which may be because of wind, seismic effects, temperature variations, shrinkage, deck deflections, elastic shortening, or post-tensioning, or other reasons. Which bearings to use depends on the structures’ type, design loads, what movements and rotations will take place, and may depend on the environmental conditions of the project as well.

Working closely with world’s leading Civil Infrastructure product manufacturers, Dutco Tennant LLC supplies quality bridge making products. In this project, the parts were manufactured by AGOM – the famous elastomeric bearings manufacturer. Our company can deliver various Bridge Bearing which have been designed to withstand loads and concurrent deformation in any direction, letting minor rotations in any of the bearing’s axes.  For example, Aegom’s E-Link bearings can be made by rubber or can be reinforced with special sheet steel to increase capability and might. Present day’s Bridge Bearings are produced with special attached plates or with sliding surfaces to advance the structure’s dislodgment ability. These Bearings can be constructed in rectangular or round shape according to customer necessities.

Dutco Tennant LLC’s bridge bearings have been designed to support big loads and simultaneous big shape change in any direction, while letting minor rotations in any bearing’s axes.  A totally enclosed rubber filling is placed in a steel pan; under heavy pressure the filling acts like a liquid; rubber’s elasticity supports sloping movement of the piston. Movement ability is facilitated by combining low friction substance’s layer with a stainless steel surface. Based on the design, they can permit loads as well as expansions in longitudinal or/and transversal directions.

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