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Get accustomed with the benefits of SCI Butterfly Valves at WETEX 2019

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WETEX has established itself as the largest and most important specialized exhibition in the region in water, energy, and the environment. It has become a major global event and a key platform that brings together exhibitors, visitors, experts, specialists, decision-makers, and investors in these vital sectors. It is the ideal opportunity to use as great investment opportunities as well as meet with experts and decision-makers from all over the world. In this grand event, Dutco Tennant LLC will be showcasing the Butterfly Valves from SCI at this event.

Established in 1974, SCI Corporation Co., Lt, formerly known as Siam Cast Iron Works is a highly renowned company as a producer of high quality cast iron and ductile iron valves by employing Japanese technology and expertise. Their products have been widely recognized and accepted both in the local and international markets under their trademark for waterworks and waste service, air conditioning, irrigation, power plant, and industrial use. Their supplied products consist of the sluice gate, gate valve, butterfly valve, check valve, air valve, and others. Since the commencement of production under the promotion certificate from the Board of Investment, the Company has been specialized in manufacturing high-quality valves of cast iron and ductile iron.

This year, experts will be educating the visitors about the SCI Butterfly Valves at our stall.

Butterfly Valves

Irrigation Network Butterfly valve is a quarter-turn Valve with rotary motion which is used to stop, regulates, and starts the water flow. Butter Valves are most used for isolating or regulating flow. The closing mechanism takes the form of a disk and the operation is similar to that of a ball valve which allows for quick shut off. These valves are widely used because they are lower in cost to other valve designs as well as being lighter in weight, meaning less support is required.

Butterfly Valves


Our Valves are premium quality Butterfly valves which are a logical and consistent improvement of the Butterfly valves which have been tried and tested for many years and they stand for the highest quality in the nominal sizes. Perfect solutions as they are, you can expect outstanding product properties in terms of operating safety, strength and price. These valves come with an inventive shaft-hub connection which has a shut disc eye, and it does not need any extra fixing elements, and hence there is no need for separation joints. These valves offer more torque reserves as they have a notch-free polygonal profile with the same shaft diameter.


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Visit our stall to see the premium range of Irrigation Network Gate Valves from Belgicast live

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Visitors of WETEX can review the state of the art innovative solutions in energy, water, and the environment. In this grand exhibition, various futuristic technologies will be making their debut mostly in renewable energy, water, sustainability, and rationalization. It is an exceptional platform for companies and organizations to promote their products, services, and innovative technologies as well as meet decision-makers, investors, buyers from around the world. Dutco Tennant LLC has added a specific range of Irrigation Network Gate Valves from  Belgicast to its inventory which will be exhibited at this event.

Started in 1957, Belgicast has been offering the widest range of technical solutions for water control. They have set their goals to offer a complete range of products and solutions for the efficient handling of the vital resource “water”. The company is a pioneer in the manufacturing of gate valves, check valves and butterfly valves as well as universal couplings, flange adaptors, and saddles. With its several production centers in the Spanish territory, they have manufacturing facilities in Legutiano, Toledo, and Munguia, where the headquarters are based, this is the operations center where the processes and organization of the various product lines are managed. Belgicast has an extensive network of offices and sales representatives throughout the Spanish territory.

At WETEX 2019, they bring for our customers the newest range of Irrigation Network Gate Valves.

Irrigation Network Gate Valves

Our range consists of high-quality general purpose Isolation Gate Valves. These Gate Valves are the best solution for doing flow isolation in the irrigation piping system. Using the best matters the valves are designed to protect them from failure due to corrosion of dezincification. The valves are consistent in providing wall thickness and exact seating tolerances to give long term reliable services. The valves comprise a unique sliding gate design that provides leak-proof control.

Gate valve

Buttress Threaded Bonnet & Gland Nut is equipped to provide snap proof work and better performance. Users will get various options like Threaded and Solvent weld for secure connectivity with the system.  The valves provided by us also have specially designed handles for slow opening and closure with a percentage indicator to avoid water. Belgicast Gate Valves have multi-start Brass Spindle for quick and trouble-free performance. They also come with an innovative and compact design which allows straight-through flow with minimal pressure drop. These valves have a new wedge and stem technology which works smoothly with outstanding low torque values.


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Dutco introduced Alfa’s automatic self cleaning filters to it’s inventory at WETEX


WETEX presents innovative technology and solutions in each of its segments. It provides information on the latest regulations and developments in energy production, irrigation, water and waste management, recycling and so on. The event is supported and attended by industry leaders, ministers, and CEOs. Dutco Tennant LLC’s next range of products for the sector of Irrigation and Landscaping from Alfa Water will be displayed at this prestigious event.

Alfa Water was founded in the heart of Dolomites where pure and uncontaminated water flows. Right from day one, they have aimed at protecting both waters – to be safeguarded and defended from pollution, and for the customers – to whom they provide ideas for solving their problems. They ensure that they have ‘hard steel ideas’ because they wish to innovate and find new solutions which are never banal, but strong like steel. For solving water management problems they bring out their ideas into play and clad them in steel, providing a unique water treatment service. With their belief that ensuring pure water can make a contribution to protecting the environment, they have been producing their customized solutions using renewable energy which is eco-sustainable.

They are highly renowned for Automatic Self Cleaning Filters which visitors can see in action at our stall.

Self Cleaning Filter

The ABV filters from Alfa Water are automatic filters that are equipped with a double cleaning system which allows the filter to be used even in the presence of coarse suspended solids. The filter has a high cleaning efficiency due to this double system. At first, the brushes remove the coarsest solids from the screen, draining them through the opening of a first drain valve; then, through the opening of a second drain valve on the cover, the suction scanner effect is generated, in which the pads suck the smaller solids.


Features –

  • Multi-layers screens with several filtration degrees
  • No interruption flow during the cleaning cycle
  • Economic and robust choice for automation of filtration
  • Very simple and reliable cleaning mechanism with special pads with brushes


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Vyrsa and Dutco Tennant welcomes you to explore the next-gen of valves, sprayers and irrigation controllers

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At WETEX a variety of exhibitors present a wide range of new products, services, solutions and technologies of the areas of water, energy, and environment. The exhibition is regarded as an important communication platform for national and international companies and gives them access to a wide range of the latest technologies and management solutions. Dutco Tennant LLC along with VYR S.A. will be exhibiting their newest additions for the Irrigation and Landscaping sector at WETEX.

VYR S.A. founded in 1971 is aimed to give service to agriculture, gardening and industry with the manufacturing of irrigation equipment, racords, valves and irrigation control valves. Presently they have an international network of 500 distributors in over 100 countries worldwide. With the aid of their continuous innovation and the counts of their production system with the latest technological developments presently they offer one of the widest ranges of sprinklers in the market.



At WETEX this year visitors will be able to check out the latest valves, sprayers, and irrigation controllers from VYR S.A.

Quick Coupling valve

The key features which differentiate our valves are ‘Reliability’ and ‘Durability’. Using quick coupling valves you can easily connect hoses to an underground irrigation supply pipe. They are usually placed under a Valve box and are used for watering points or for connecting temporary irrigation sprinklers to the irrigation systems. They are usually used in garden centers. Quick Coupler valves are designed for long-lasting everyday use in projects which need quick remote water access to the mainline water supply

Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve is used to control the water flow from the mains supply. In most cases, this is “on” or “off”. Our selection of Solenoid Valves is to be used in conjunction with an Irrigation Controller. A mains operated irrigation controller requires an AC solenoid and a battery-operated irrigation controller would require a DC solenoid in order for them to work. The solenoid function offers high performance combined with optimal, low electrical power consumption.

Irrigation controllers

A device that is used to operate automatic irrigation systems like lawn sprinklers and drip irrigation systems is known as an Irrigation controller. Most controllers have a means of setting the frequency of irrigation, the start time, and the duration of watering. Few controllers have additional features such as rain and freeze sensors, soil moisture sensors, weather data, remote operation, etc.

Pop up sprayer

Pop up Sprayers are available in various options and sizes with us like Large Area Pop-Ups, Low-Pressure Pop-Ups, and Rain Gun. They are used for long-range and have a huge capacity. They can cover a huge area in a very short time.


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Learn how Glenfield and Dutco can help you to prevent water hammer at WETEX 2019


WETEX showcases the developments in conventional and renewable energy from around the world, as well as give visitors the chance to network and make business deals with fellow industry professionals. In this spectacular event, Dutco Tennant LLC will be demonstrating its latest product acquisitions from Glenfield for the Water sector.

Glenfield is a leader in supplying large diameter valves for dams, reservoirs and hydropower installations around the world. Their product portfolio includes an extensive range of different kinds of valves that are suitable for various application areas. Within their vast range of capabilities, Glenfield can provide a comprehensive range of engineering and site solution packages. Their specialist teams can help you to identify the perfect solutions from feasibility and site audits to network leakage management and repair. They stay close to their customers throughout the entire process. The proximity allows them to better understand the needs of the clients and tailor the solutions to fit them. Being a global player, they are able to provide highly engineered products and service solutions approved to international standards.

The extraordinary Air release valves from Glenfield will be displayed at our stall in WETEX 2019.

Air release valve

Air Release Valves or Air Relief Valve function to release air pockets that collect at each high point of a full pressured pipeline. An air release valve can open against internal pressure due to its internal level mechanism multiplies the float force to be greater than the internal pressure. The orifice gets opened by this greater force whenever air pockets get collected in the valve.

Air release valve

These valves are essential for pipeline efficiency and water hammer protection. These valves protect industrial and wastewater piping systems from damage by automatically eliminating air pockets, admitting air when appropriate to the application, and preventing vacuum formations from building up in the pipeline during filling or draining operations. Depending on the particular application, there are several configurations and a wide variety of materials to choose from.


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Launching the latest additions from Jain dedicated towards the betterment of the Irrigation sector

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WETEX is the ideal opportunity for overseas companies to make the right contacts and be a part of infrastructure projects initiated by DEWA, the country’s largest public-sector company. Participants hail this event as the ideal platform for presenting and discussing the most important topics and latest developments in water, energy, environmental management, sustainable development, electricity and water conservation technologies, and renewable energy. Dutco Tennant LLC in collaboration with Jain Irrigations and Systems Ltd. will showcase the latest technologies for the Irrigation and Landscaping sector in this event.

With a turnover of over one billion dollars, Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd is a diversified entity with a global presence of over 33 manufacturing bases spread over four continents. Their products are supplied to more than 126 countries with able assistance from 11,000+ dealers and distributors worldwide. Currently, their reach is over 8.5 million farmers. Being the second-largest Mirco-Irrigation company in the world, they manufacture a full range of precision-irrigation products. They provide services from the soil survey, engineering design to agronomic support. They are also known for undertaking turnkey projects for agricultural and irrigation development with a holistic & integrated approach. They have huge team of over 1500 Agri and irrigation scientists, engineers, and technicians who are engaged in offering services for complete or partial project planning and implementation e.g Watershed Development through Wasteland Transformation, including crop agronomy, protected cultivation, etc.

Irrigation & Landscape


At WETEX, Jain will be discussing their newest range of Pressure compensating dripline, Dripper, Greenhouse and Compression fittings.

Pressure Compensating Driplines

Pressure Compensating Driplines deliver a precise amount of water regardless of changes in pressure due to long rows or changes in terrain. The designing of a system can be simplified by them and greatly reduce maintenance since they rarely get plugged. This pressure compensated drip Line gives you the perfect cost-performance ratio. No flow variation, no compromise.


Drippers are mainly used for the online drip irrigation system. We have a wide range of drippers to suit difficult soil conditions, water needs of various crops. Drippers are most suitable for Landscaping, home garden, and commercial use. They are designed to apply precise amounts of water to your plants and are commonly used where plants have similar watering requirements.


A greenhouse can extend a plant’s growing season by a few weeks, or it can create a complete microclimate that’s a successful substitute for the plant’s native environment. We will be showcasing Green Houses which are built of G.I. structure wherein you can grow the crops in a favorable artificially controlled environment. Other factors in these Greenhouses are well controlled viz. light, temperature, humidity, photoperiod, ventilation, soil, disease control, irrigation, fertigation, and others.

Compression fittings

Compression fittings offer easy installation and highly flexible system and they are very easy to fit. These compression fittings have superb gripping of PE Tubing, and it offers no slipping at high pressure and no leakage at low pressure conditions. They are quicker and easier to install. Installing these pipes is as easy as simply pushing the drip tubing into fittings for tight connection and get easy flow. You get color coded gripper for easy identification.


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Find out our newest house connections manufactured by A.1 Engineering

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The Water, Energy, Technology, and Environment Exhibition (WETEX), slated to take place from 21-23 October is the best platform to review the latest technologies related to water, energy, environment, and resource management. It hosts a large number of experts, specialists, solution providers, investors, decision-makers, and consumers from both the government and private sectors. Dutco Tennant LLC in collaboration with IPEC will showcase the latest technologies for the Waste Water sector in this event.

Founded in 1988 by Munjed Saimeh, A.1 Jordan is a highly reputed company which is known for designing and manufacturing many water fittings. They specialize in producing PE, DI, GRE, AC & PVC Pipe Fittings, Gunmetal Water Fittings, Galvanized Fittings, Pp compression, and Valves. The cultivation of years exhaustive research and development, utilization of cutting-edge manufacturing technology and starting testing, A.1 Jordan’s most exciting generation of water fittings are represented by these premium products. Their water fittings which are made by incorporation of cutting edge technology are easy to use and provide high-quality performance across the range. The fittings have been manufactured from high performance, advanced bronze & thermoplastic materials so that they are resistant to corrosion and have the strength and durability to provide a service life of over 20 years.

You will be demonstrated about the Gunmetal Straps and Ferrules from A.1 Jordan at WETEX.

Gunmetal Straps and Ferrules

The house fittings range of A.1 Jordan, which consists of Self Tapping Ferrule Straps, Swivel Ferrules, and Flat Boss Straps can be used to connect PE, copper and threaded pipes to almost any type and size of mains pipe material. Straps are available up to 10” in diameter as standard. Ferrules can be inserted directly into suitable mains pipe of any size as long as both wall sections and wall strength allow it. Their straps are simply clamped onto the pipe needing no specialized equipment to fit so can be installed easily in wet and congested trench conditions, offering several benefits over welded systems.

House Connections



  • Available in a range of self-tapping ferrule straps and flat boss straps to suit mains pipe from 32mm.
  • Ferrules are available 1/2 to 2” 20mm to 63mm outlets
  • Design and selection of materials gives high strength for reliable installation and lightweight for easy handling
  • Quick and efficient installation onto all common pipe materials in virtually any trench condition, wet or dry
  • Prolonged life of fitting due to the high-quality corrosion-resistant materials used


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Witness the globally famous Frischhut range of DI fittings at WETEX 2019


WETEX in its 21st edition will be raising awareness on several environmental activities such as using energy and water sensibly and the main components of sustainable development and green economy. In this spectacular event, Dutco Tennant LLC will be promoting their newest products, services, and innovative technologies, as well as meet decision-makers, investors, buyers from around the world. At this event, we will be displaying our newest additions for the Water sector in collaboration with our partner Frischhut.

Frischhut is hailed as the cast iron experts with more than seven decades of experience in the field. Everything inside the plants revolves around cast iron and currently, various employees produce spheroidal (ductile) and grey cast iron at its own foundry in Neumarkt-St. Veit, Germany. A large part of the products is required by the company to manufacture its own products which are mainly fittings for the water and sewage industry. Commission processing such as high-quality castings for safety-related applications in mechanical engineering, reinforced concrete and bridge construction, as well as special fittings are gaining in importance as the company can react particularly flexible with its own foundry. Their hand molding shop is equipped to produce individual parts, small series or oversized components weighing up to one ton. With its unique combination of traditional manual work, a modern laboratory for quality assurance and the research opportunities arising through being part of the TALIS Group, the company is also able to complete difficult projects punctually and reliably.

They are known all over the world for their impeccable range of DI fittings which will be demonstrated at our stall in WETEX 2019.

DI Fittings

Ductile iron pipe and fittings are most commonly used for potable water transmission and distribution. A cast-iron pipe which was superseded has given the development to this type of pipes. The ductile iron used to manufacture the pipe is characterized by the spheroidal or nodular nature of the graphite within the iron.

DI fittings

Ductile iron pipes often have protective internal linings and external coatings that inhibit corrosion. The internal lining is cement mortar and standard external coatings include bonded zinc, asphalt or water-based paint. A lifespan of over 100 years is estimated for ductile iron pipelines and fittings which are installed using “evolved laying practices”, including the use of properly installed LPS (polyethylene encasement) but unprotected ductile iron pipe will have shorter lives because of the corrosiveness of the soil present.


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Dutco will be announcing about their newest product additions from Klamflex at WETEX

Flange adaptor, Dismantling joints, coupler banner

WETEX is the perfect platform to display and discuss all issues related to water conservation, saving natural resources and building a sustainable environment. It has been growing every year, attracting more sponsors, partners, experts, and government organizations. It enables companies to promote their products and service, and meet decision-makers, investors, buyers and interested parties from around the world, to make deals, review the latest technologies, learn about current and future projects, and explore investment opportunities in the region. Over the three days of the event, Dutco Tennant LLC along with Klamflex will be hosting a demonstration about their latest additions in the Water sector for the Middle East region.

Klamflex is the biggest manufacturer of Pipe Couplings, Adaptors, Stepped Couplings, Dismantling Joints and related products in the Southern Hemisphere. Klamflex always makes sure that customers receive expert product development, design, quality, assistance, and advice at all times and for that employs specialists in the field of pipe jointing and sealing. Their extensive range of products is suitable for the use in water treatment, water distribution and wastewater applications for dams, power plants, industry and in pressure management. In 2017 the company was renamed to VAG-Klamflex-Valves South Africa (Pty) Ltd.

For WETEX 2019 they will be showcasing their cutting edge Flange adaptor, Dismantling joints, and couplers at our stall.

Flange Adaptor

For connecting networks composed of different materials or specially designed for one material, flange adaptors join a flanged part to the spigot end of a pipe or tube. Flange adaptor is used in flanged pipelines like water supply, industrial water, and sewage. It facilitates assembly and disassembly of pipeline equipment including valves, pumps, and flow meters.


Flange adaptor, Dismantling joints, coupler banner

Dismantling Joints

For dismantling the equipment fitted in the pipeline, dismantling joints are used. They are used before butterfly valves, pumps, and other equipment for providing flexibility to the equipment installations by joining flanged spigot and flanged coupling adapter into one assembly. Dismantling joint consists of double-flanged fittings which allows for longitudinal adjustment in flanged pipe systems.

Coupler (or coupling)

The coupler is a pipe or tube of very short length with a socket at one or both ends that allow two pipes or tubes to be joined, welded, brazed or soldered together. If the two ends of coupling are of different standards or joining methods, the coupling is called an adapter.


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Meet the innovative ERHARD RKV needle valves with the four positive points


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WETEX, the largest and most important specialized exhibitions in the region commits itself to pursue sustainable development and accelerating the transition towards a better world. It has been growing every year, attracting more sponsors, partners, experts, and government organizations. It provides a forum for all attendees to learn more about the latest innovations, technologies, and advances in research, regulatory information and other developments in water, energy and the environment. Dutco Tennant LLC wants to introduce their recent product additions into their inventory for the Water sector from Erhard.

With an impressive experiencing dating back over 140 years, ERHARD is one of the most important manufacturers of water valves in the world. They supply valves for all sectors of the water supply industry in all size ranges, from domestic service lines valves to valves for power plants. They also have a broad product portfolio in the sewage sector as well as of valves for large-scale industrial installations. In the field of valves, they offer complete solutions to problems, including technical calculation of the pipelines, combined with great specialist competence and many years of experience in valve construction.

At WETEX 2019, visitors can witness the exemplary range of ERHARD RKV needle valves at our stall.

ERHARD RKV needle valves – Axial flow control valve

With decades of experience in the design and production of needle valves with addition to the product features of the ERHARD needle valve, the ERHARD RKV Premium needle valve offers four major additional advantages. Which are:

  • Optimized flow guidance that results in low zeta values and enables cost-effective operation since the pressure loss is lower. Additionally, the formation of stagnant water is reliably prevented.
  • Up to 15 mm wide, the main seal is located in a hydraulically uncritical pressure zone is completely embedded in a stainless steel chamber. This results in optimum sealing and minimum wear at the same time.

Axial flow control valve Banner


  • Using at least four wide guide strips from a bronze-aluminum alloy, the piston weight force is being vertically and evenly distributed. This reduces wear and extends the service life.
  • ERHARD RKV Premium needle valve can already be precisely controlled from 4% opening which results in a control range of up to 96% in contrast to conventional needle valves having a dead stroke of up to 18%.


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