Civil Contractors
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The brand Dutco Tennant offers for road, sewerage and marine works are synonymous with high quality, reliability, efficiency and the lowest possible lifetime cost. For years Dutco Tennant has been a household name among the water and electricity companies in the GCC. It has provided major elements for the various processes involved in producing/distributing drinking water and electricity Dutco Tennant is widely recognised as one of the most reliable and best informed turnkey suppliers of engineering products in the Middle East.

Dutco Tennant also offer an extensive range of survey products including powerful survey software, spatial stations, spatial scanners, global positioning systems, robotic total stations, digital theodolites and automatic levels. The unit’s capabilities include state-of-the-art servicing & calibration facilities & factory trained engineers. Sales are further supported by an all-embracing stocks and an extensive network of distributors and service facilities across the Middle East and Africa.