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Enhancing the productivity of our customers is one of the most important services Dutco Tennant offers. It does this by helping clients benefit from the highest technological advancements available supported by Dutco Tennant’s team of highly trained engineers dedicated to the design, supply, installation, commissioning and service of every Dutco Tennant supplied  system. Dutco Tennant make complex systems simple.

Lighting Control is required to complement the architectural design of the lit space and Dutco Tennant’s intelligent lighting control may be used for saving energy by turning down lighting levels in low traffic areas or when sufficient daylight is present. Dutco Tennant also provide intelligent lighting control solutions for exterior façade lighting, public commercial spaces, theme parks and corporate offices.

Dutco Tennant’s specialist Design Sports and Leisure sales unit caters to the aesthetic essentials in civil infrastructure projects, the turnkey kitchen & laundry requirements of the hospitality sector and the sport & fitness needs of the leisure industry. The unit is equipped with in house technicians for project installations and post sales maintenance.