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Dutco Tennant has been helping telecommunication operators to move from a network centric to client centric business model and realise that customer satisfaction is key to forming sustained competitive advantage and customer retention.

Dutco Tennant’s involvement in the telecommunication industry started with its inception as a Cable and Wireless joint venture to provide engineering support to Etisalat, the UAE telephone company. It has built on that strong foundation to provide installation and service support on a wide range of telecommunication systems including UMTS, GSM, GPRS, Radio Communication Systems, VSAT Systems, Wireless Internet, e-business  and human capital solutions focusing on the telecommunication and technology markets. Our multi-service capabilities enable our customers to achieve faster capital cost recovery and earlier profitability.

GSM and UMTS technologies are continually evolving for the next generation of mobile communications, featuring large capacity voice and multimedia applications. Security concerns are among the key obstacles to the full-scale peer-to-peer wireless networks. As wireless communication devices become increasingly ubiquitous and the value of information travelling wirelessly increases, the implementation of security architecture is ever more important. Dutco Tennant has state of the art solutions to cater for the security needs of 3G systems.

Dutco Tennant’s ability to provide professional turnkey solutions and after sales support, in today’s fast-paced marketplace, and its ability to harness the power of the emerging technologies, guarantee its customers profitability, the best service and the latest cutting-edge technology.