Water & Electricity
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For over 30 years Dutco Tennant has been a household name among the water companies in the UAE. It has provided major elements for the various processes involved in producing and distributing drinking water. Its experience base has ensured its ability to respond faster and better to the ever-widening demands brought on by change. Dutco Tennant also has the capability to provide the total range of mechanical and electrical requirements associated with water and wastewater treatment including installation.

The extremely rapid growth in the UAE has led to continuously increasing demands on power generation and transmission. With excellent relationships with each of the UAE water and electricity companies and long-standing relationships with our principal companies, Dutco Tennant has successfully implemented many major equipment supply contracts over the past 30 years. We pride ourselves in our capability to provide products to the exact requirements of various local authorities and to cater to the quick delivery requirements from an extensive range of products held in stock.