• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

We introduce ourselves as an eminent supplier of versatile and space-saving storage solutions for your libraries, archives, offices and museums. Serving public and private sector clients, our focus is on providing efficient Storage, Book Care, Tapes, Mobile, Multi-Function Tables, and Work Benches & Tables that combine space efficiency with accessibility.

Choose your materials carefully with planning archival. Dutco Archival has a large selection of book covering systems and archival book storage boxes to fit the construction and condition of your books. Preserve your books, documents, photos, artifacts and collectibles with the standard in high-quality archival supplied by Dutco. Our selection includes acid-free, lignin-free, pH-neutral boxes, folders, tissues and more, so you can ensure the safest storage possible for your most valued items.

We design and supply the best-in-class high-density mobile shelving storage systems, storage systems, cabinets, drawers, art racks, hanging storage screens, hanging storage panels, and many other storage solutions too.

Besides, we are a premier supplier of education furniture as well, and has a particular specialization in supplying educational institutions throughout the country with flexible learning environment furniture, distinctive and aesthetically pleasing, but at the same time it’s practical and beneficial to the students.

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