• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Over 25 years experience of selling Library Products, we continue with our mission to provide the solutions and services that libraries and communities need to succeed. When you partner with us, you gain unique School and Library solutions. You can also count on Demco's innovation exceptional value and quality. Collectively you can meet curriculam objectives and accomplish your goals!

We are your ultimate stop for the library and school products you are looking for, whether you are shopping for a school library, church library, or a public library, we have everything that you need. We also carry hanging bags, archival supplies, book trucks, adhesive removers, glue & paste, boxes, tape and everything in between.

Dutco carries a large selection of library furniture as well. Library and school supplies including audio and video products, processing supplies as well as furniture, shelving, book trucks, workstations are all included. Racks, cabinets and display products are also offered. Choose from our varied options at the best prices, backed by the finest customer support in the business.

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Shelf Organization

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