• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

We provide various chromatographic equipments for the seperation and purification of chemicals in both chemical and life sciences laboratories. We supply flash, preparative and analytical chromatography equipment, such as Liquid Chromatography, Buchi Flash chromatography system, BuchiReveleris Preparative chromatography system etc. Various column sizes are available with us to improve the quality of purifications. BuchiReveleris system can be used for both Flash and preparative HPLC. We can offer wide range of other chromatography solutions such as Gas chromatography and High pressure liquid chromatography systems. Our chromatography systems comes with various detectors such as UV VISIBLE, ELSD (Evaporative Light scattering detector) etc and Mass Spectrometer.

Together with a broad range of high performance flash chromatography columns, we provide you the optimized solution suited to your purification workflow. These products are supplied in line with international standards using quality tested raw material and cutting-edge technology. The offered products are widely demanded, due to their features like compact design, accurate dimensions, fine and durable finish standards.

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Preparative Chromatography System

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