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Sample preparation is a key step in analytical workflow. Our solutions include a multitude of automated platforms, equipment and consumables to enable fast, reproducible and easy sample preparation whatever your workflow requirements may be. Our Sample preparation solutions are variously defined and operationally described as evaporation, purification, separation, drying, centrifuged, extracted, pre-treatment, freeze drying and spray drying etc.

The core for the sensitivity of the analysis of any products depends largely on the method of the sample preparation used. We took great care in selecting our products for sample preparation from our suppliers such as Buchi, whether it is extraction, evaporation, freeze drying, spray drying or various methods of concentration and drying the sample for high yield. The choice of the sample preparation method is crucial in chemical analysis, since it is often the most critical and time-consuming step of an analytical process. Some of the older methods are laborious, expensive, and offer no scope for automation. The newer Buchi sample preparation techniques can give higher yields, better sample clean-up, cost effectiveness worker safety and environmental protection. Some novel sample preparation methods are described their potential is illustrated with emphasis on bioanalytical applications. BCL offers wide range of sample preparation systems from BuchiLaboratechnik Switzerland. Our supplier Buchi manufacturer for high quality Laboratory equipment available such as Rotary evaporators or Rotavapor, Parallel evaporators (syncore), Industrial evaporators for large scale sample evaporation. Buchi offers complete Laboratory Rotavapor systems including the vacuum pumps and recirculating chillers for cooling. BUCHI offers dedicated solutions for laboratory rotary evaporation whether you operate in R&D or quality control. Based on our experience and knowledge we offer tailor-made solutions to cover a wide range of distinct needs and achieve highest convenience. Various Extraction methods are developed such as Solid solid, Solid liquid, SPE (Soild Phase Extraction), Super critical fluid extraction, Pressurised solvent extraction, Soxhlet extraction, flash chromatography systems, etc.

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Evaporation Solutions – Rotary Evaporator

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Evaporation Solutions – Parallel Evaporator

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Evaporation Solutions – Freeze Dryers

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Spray Drying & Encapsulation – Mini Spray Dryer

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