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On-Line NIR (near infrared) gauges are used in continuous manufacturing processes to measure key parameters such as:

  • Moisture content
  • Fat or oil content
  • Protein content
  • Nicotine or sugars content
  • Coating thickness or coat weight

The real-time measurement of these constituents provides deeper process insight while providing outputs in digital or analog signal format for connection to a PLC, SCADA or other process control tool to enable closed-loop automated control of processes such as drying.

The advantages of on-line analysis include:

  • Monitoring and control of product quality
  • Improvements in process yield and efficiency
  • Reduction in fossil fuel consumption through more efficient drying or baking operations
NIR Spectrometers

NIR Spectrometers

TM710e - The Ultimate Tobacco Moisture Gauge

TM710e - The Ultimate Tobacco Moisture Gauge