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Biological procedures require accurate counting of bacterial colonies and cells. Colony Counting Equipments are used in analytical labs to measure a liquid culture’s microorganism density by counting individual colonies. Typical applications of such instruments include Ames testing, bacterial mutation assays, and E. coli bacterial colonies. Instruments come in various sizes and formats, and scan plates up to 300 × 300 mm, and are made for use with white light, fluorescent, UV illumination, and/or Green Fluorescent Protein colonies.

You can do the counting manually, with touch pressure and a digital counter, or you can automate it for semi-automatic or fully automatic functions. Automated Colony Counting Equipments can count with precision and accuracy, and they can detect smaller colonies in low-contrast media. These systems have illumination systems that increase visibility, direct image scanning and analysis capability, quick & rapid multiple-zone bioassay plate study, and IQ/OQ documentation.

Dutco Tennant LLC offers digital quality sterile glass/plastic colony counter coming with optically clear surface and providing appropriate support in fast process handling in colony counting. The Fluorescent lighting and quality magnifying glass gives accurate working performance. Our advance digital colony counting equipments is good for accurate counting and recording of bacteria & mould colonies in biology, zoology, bacteriology, pathology laboratories or any other Lab where colony counting is done regularly.

Features of Our Colony Counting Equipments are:

  • Fit for use in microbiology lab.
  • Our colony counter has proper lit and magnified space for operators to tick detected colonies with marker.
  • Lens with large diameter and optimum magnification power.
  • You can count colonies by directly touching them with pointer.
  • Our instruments find use in Life sciences, Cell and Molecular biology, Pharmaceutical research, Environmental testing, Academic Laboratories, and more.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading Automated Colony Counters supplier in the Middle East and GCC, contact us for such microbiology lab solutions in this area.

Automated Colony Couners

Automated Colony Couners