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Colony Counters count the number of colonies of microorganisms that have grown on an agar plate prepared from a sample. This colony counter system is suitable for reading a wide range of types of microbiology and virology media .The colony counters can use fluorescent labels or the contrast between light and dark areas on the plates to make their count. Colonies can be automatically counted on standard pour plates, surface inoculated plates, spiral plates, filters, culture flasks and numerous other media. Zones can be automatically measured for potency testing, antibacterial susceptibility and virology applications.

Counting the number of colonies that arise on a pour plate can calculate the concentration by multiplying the count by the volume spread on the pour plate. Dutco Imaging products provide image processing and analysis solutions which are used in a wide array of scientific fields. It is used in medical research, microscopic analysis, forensics, genetics, material analysis, quality assurance etc. Dutco Colony counting provide high degree of accuracy and reliability that are required by scientists, researchers and industry professionals who are in need of quality imaging solutions.

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Automated Colony Couners

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