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Clean glassware is only demanded in good laboratory technique, because the most carefully executed piece of work may give an erroneous result if dirty glassware is used. In all instances, glassware must be physically clean; it must be chemically clean; and in many cases, it must be bacteriologically clean or sterile. Soap, detergent, or cleaning powder (with or without an abrasive) may be used mixing it with hot water while washing glasswares. For glassware that is exceptionally dirty, a cleaning powder with a mild abrasive action will give more satisfactory results. All glassware that is used in precise measuring of liquids should have fully wettable surfaces.

Some general washing rules are :

  • Always clean your apparatus immediately after each use. It is much easier to clean the glassware before residues in them become dry and hard. If the glassware is dirty and cannot be washed immediately, put it in water to soak.
  • Handle glassware carefully while cleaning it. Most breakage occurs at this time.
  • Quality water produced by water purification system may be used for laboratory work and rinsing of glassware.
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