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Microplate Dispensing Solutions are used for automated precise dispensing of liquid and reagents into various Microplates and vials. These dispensers may be single channel or multi-channel, and they are widely used in drug research and development, cell biology, high throughput screening, and disease research. Although some features like speed, volume, range, and other features may vary slightly between different vendors; we provide solutions which serve your requirements exactly. The automated liquid dispensing can save precious time while providing specific results and removing human fault.

Whatever is the use of your Microplate dispenser accuracy, repeatability, and minimal reagent waste are the top features in our microbiology lab solutions. Microplate dispensers have a peristaltic pump and are controlled by microprocessor. You can program different dispensing ranges and additional customization of volume ranges is possible. Microplate dispensers are also known as Nano dispensers because most are used for small volumes less than 1 Litre, also called nanolitres. One can even integrate some Microplate Dispensing Solutions with automated Microplate handling equipment.

Quick Microplate dispensers carry the desired volumes uniformly. Awfully adaptable, the apparatus can quickly switch to function with variable-size multi-well plates. Some models have features to push expensive reagents back in to the bottles to reduce unwanted loss, while numerous interior channel styles give out different liquids concurrently.

Features of our Microplate Dispensing Solutions are:

  • Easily regulate functions with simple interface settings and graphic display.
  • Having a compact design, Microplate dispensers employ limited benchtop space.
  • The removable, autoclavable Microplate dispenser parts make testing contagion unlikely.
  • Speedy separation of micrometer and nanometer beads.
  • Quick and competent vacuum filtration.
  • Rapid Microplate washing and dispensing.
  • Automatically switch reagents.

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Micro Plate Dispenser

Micro Plate Dispenser