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Pipetting Solutions is an important tool for many laboratory research projects. They are widely used in biology, chemistry, and medical laboratories to move small, calculated volumes of liquid in the region. We supply electronic Pipettes. Electronic pipettes have been intended to give guaranteed accuracy and consistency in both standard and recurring Pipetting modes because good sample preparation is vital to producing meaningful research results. Over the last four decades, we've learned that our best ideas come from listening to people in the laboratory who use our pipette products. Listening to user demand, we offer pipettes giving a priority to addressing the various issues such as hand strain, fatigue, and other injuries caused by pipette use. The result is we offer designs that set new values for class, comfort, and accuracy.

Most of the life science researchers work with liquids, but not all liquids are the same. Choosing the right tool is critical for optimal results. While air cushion pipettes are used most frequently, they have limitations in certain situations. Positive displacement pipettes or dispensers are beneficial for many applications. Dutco Tennant LLC cares for all it’s consumers and brings for them the most advanced and high-grade solutions from around the world. We also have introduced a team of highly experienced experts who can help you to choose the right solutions for your needs.

Supporting Research with Advance Pipetting Solutions:

Laboratory systems having vacuum systems are extensively used in biological laboratories, collection, and subsequent discarding of biological liquid waste. These solutions must be correct, precise, easily usable, and suitable for various applications. As the reliable supplier of the Pipetting system, we at Dutco Tennant LLC have around forty years of experience in providing precise manual and automatic Pipetting/dispensing solutions which may be used for transferring of the smallest quantities of liquids. The standards offered by our advance microbiology lab  solutions clearly exceed the standards required to obtain safe results and ensures the reproducibility that our customers rely on. We are a leading provider of advanced Pipette solutions for life scientists and analytical research institutes worldwide. Top-quality, ground-breaking design, and state-of-the-art production result in superior Pipette products with multiple years of consistent operation. Please contact us if you need help in deciding which products are suitable for your laboratory. Our line of Pipettes includes various types of Electronic Pipettes, which are easy to use, dependable and maximize the competence of your lab. Each product has a user-centric design that maximizes quality, comfort, and exactness.

Electronic Pipettes

Electronic Pipettes