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A Mobile laboratory is a laboratory that is either fully housed within or transported by a vehicle such as a tractor-trailer, converted bus, or RV. Such vehicles can serve a variety of functions, including: Construction, Science education & research, Environment, Medical, Emergency Response, Bio Containment, Exhibit, etc.

Mobile laboratories have the ability to provide rapid results, something that is often a necessity on high pressured projects. In fact, mobile laboratories can be mobilised quickly to any remote site providing analysis within a short duration of time. But of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, with correct equipment, method selection and quality control being absolutely essential to producing robust data.

We along with our world renowned manufactures of body & state of art technology equipmenthave expertise in setting up the Mobile Laboratory for various applications and have successfully executed several projects in the middle east region that are periodically maintained and service.

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Construction Lab.


Environment Lab.


Medical Unit




Modular Biosafety Lab.

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