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Dutco Tennant LLC supplies advanced modular laboratories based on the mobile platforms of your choice. Our Mobile Modular Biosafety Lab adds to the existing laboratory operations by providing extra preparedness options, rapid reaction to medical outbreaks and other dangerous events, giving you maximum suppleness of operations. We understand that there is a growing need to bring laboratory capabilities to the field for quick, on-site diagnostics, and reliable laboratory capabilities. Our company in partnership with the leading vendors of the word can provide best mobile lab equipment for you.

Making your custom space gives you many extra benefits in having a competent and prepared laboratory. We involve you in design phase to let you understand the construction process so that you may tailor-make your laboratory for most favorable working space. Modular Biosafety Lab have proven to be very helpful to each customer and their requirements.

What’s the difference between a basic mobile laboratory and a Modular Biosafety Lab?  - The difference is that the latter can be built quickly as per customer’s unique requirements and loaded with customer-chosen bio safety lab instruments. They can be quickly built as per your requirement. Once delivered, they can be fully functional in a short time, depending on their application.

Why our Modular BioSafety Lab is Better Than Others:

  • Modular laboratories which can slot in customized equipment fast, without the cost of transformation.
  • Modular Bio Safety labs making best use of space for advance equipment, control systems, and other machinery
  • Ready to use laboratories with minimum customization work required.
  • Laboratories are fully tested prior to delivery, and are furnished with Bio safety cabinets, autoclaves, and other necessary equipment suitable for handling various medical situations.

·         These Modular Mobile Laboratory may be used in any geographical locations to undertake wide range of operations which are otherwise carried out in conventional labs.

Modular Biosafety Lab ( BSL)

Modular Biosafety Lab ( BSL)