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A Profilometer measures a surface’s roughness at very high accuracy. At Dutco Tennant LLC we offer the finest brands at great prices with best service, installation, and support! The company can help you to select the perfect Profilometer / Surface Roughness Tester as per your application and budget. We provide various Profilometers which calculate waviness and roughness for measuring roughness on flat surfaces. If you want more information on what type of Profilometer you want, please contact us for more details.

Profilometers are used to measure surfaces’ properties like curvature, flatness, and surface’s smoothness. This equipment may be used to measure a vast range of physical characteristics like Thickness, Surface roughness, Volume loss, Long-stroke profiles, High-aspect-ratio features, Hard-to-reach spaces, Thickness of non-transparent materials.

Profilometers consist of at least two parts – detector and a sample stage. The detector is what determines where the points on the sample and the sample stage is what holds the sample. In some systems, the sample stage moves to allow for measurement, in others the detector moves in some both move. Stylus profilometers use a probe to detect the surface, physically moving a probe along the surface in order to acquire the surface height
Dutco Tennant LLC Profilometers have been made using advanced technology. They offer repeatable, precise measurements of multiple surfaces; it allows everything from conventional 2D roughness surface characterization and step height determination to advanced 3D mapping.

Benefits of Using Profilometer:

  • Covers wide range in materials:- Metal, Plastics, Polymers, Glass, Metal coatings, and Silicone.
  • Measure a wide range of objects and surfaces:- Objects can be small to large, stationary or moving, solid or liquid, and consist of bores and tubes’ interiors, cylinders’ exteriors, spherical shapes, hot or cold, and radioactive.
  • Set up has different versatility.
  • You can even measure the interior of bores and small-diameter tubes.
  • High-aspect-ratio surface features can be captured.
  • One can measure channels, grooves, steps, sharp edges, and more.
  • Provision for continuous and long profile scanning.
  • Allows probes in hostile environments where humans cannot work.
  • The USB connection for data transfer from interferometer to PC or laptop.

The company offers advanced Research equipments for supply in the Middle East and GCC. Get in touch with us for leading quality products in this area.

Applications –

  • Step height: 2D and 3D step height
  • Texture: 2D and 3D roughness and waviness
  • Form: 2D and 3D bow and shape
  • Stress: 2D and 3D thin film stress
  • Defect review: 2D and 3D defect surface topography