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Lighting Control is required to complement the architectural design of the lit space. Intelligent lighting control may be used for saving energy by turning down lighting levels in low traffic areas or when sufficient daylight is present. We provide intelligent lighting control solutions for exterior façade lighting, public commercial spaces, theme parks, corporate offices and the hospitality industry.

There is a growing awareness that intelligent lighting systems make a significant contribution to energy saving, thus contribute towards the environment and help reduce cost of ownership.

New building regulations and energy legislations will further develop the need for more improved lighting systems. For this we offer a range of lighting control systems that can be used to create scalable solutions from small to large commercial applications.

Offices house many different departments with needs for energy saving and comfort. Employees need good working light at their desk. Lighting control systems allow the end user to control their own environment as well as facilitate in energy saving.

Educational Institutions can be provided with a lighting control system that monitor the ambient light levels and provided adequate luminosity from installed luminaires. Thus providing uniform light levels as well as optimum energy consumption.

Health care facilities value the advantage lighting control provides in the ability to create daylight patterns that can be programmed to contribute towards health and well being of patients and hospital staff. Providing the right light at the right time and the right place is crucial to ensure that the right energy is consumed only when needed.

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