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At Dutco Tennant LLC, we want to make sure that you get the best Digital Outdoor clock for your facility. Here you will get the best outdoor digital clocks available. We have ensured that you get the closest product matches based on your need. With so many unique features, our products will fit as a perfect solution for your style. We work with international brands to bring to you wide selection of brands. If you aren’t finding the perfect product for yourself, you can get in touch with us to get the product as per your accurate requirement.

Multi-function digital clocks and different types of synchronized master clock systems which are available in many styles, shapes, and design options are available with us. Large Clocks from best and reliable international brands, which incorporate latest technologies, feature-rich configurations, and elegant design are available wrapped in long-lasting casing made to last many years.

Quality wall outdoor digital clocks designed for versatile uses are available with us. Many digital clocks with super-brightness LED displays are available with us. Our Digital clocks have many variable brightness levels, and built-in auto-brightness sensors for great visibility under various ambient light conditions.

Features of Digital Outdoor Clocks are:

  • Multiple size digits offering from 6.0” to larger digits display.
  • Available in four digits (00:00) and six (00:00:00) digits display.
  • Large sizes digital outdoor clocks with robust and stylish casing suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Multiple time signal synchronization options.
  • Devices have user-friendly wireless setup & control and built-in web-interface.
  • Time & date display are available as well.
  • Auto-brightness sensor to automatically adjust brightness levels.
  • Various display colors for digital clocks.
  • Digital clocks can interface with many other electronics devices which you want to connect.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading large digital outdoor clock supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area with good reputation. We have served many countries like Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. in the past to supply inventive business technology solutions. Contact us for such advanced solutions in the Gulf.

Outdoor Digital Clocks

Outdoor Digital Clocks