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Large clocks suitable for greater visibility areas like railways, town halls, university campuses, retail centers, and airports are supplied by us. We can supply large clock for Master Clock Systems either as exterior or as an interior clock for facilities of every size. We will coordinate with contractors and consultants during the design and manufacture of your custom clock system, to ensure that your work stays on track. Multiple types of dials, designs and custom clock hands are present in our supply for different clocks.

Whether you need a large wall, tower, bracket, canister, marker and silhouette, skeleton, floral and botanical garden, cupola, monumental, or other types of clocks, we can build it to your conditions with a turnkey custom-made master clock designed to fit your needs. Our semi-transparent dials have been designed to face harsh outdoor applications where steady exposure to the sun and its UV rays can cause damage.

Types of Large Clocks:

Great master clock system products in our supply are for both outer building clocks and for interior applications, providing numerous installation location choices. Our dials have been designed to keep up their original appearance even for a long time. The company can provide custom large digital clocks made of various items like brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum, and various other metals.

Extra-large wall clocks with automotive paint finishes and clock hands made of various substances are available with us. If you have some idea about the large wall clock which you need, you can convey it to us to get the best offer. Our company can create a large decorative wall clock just for you.

Clock mounted on a surface is another product that we provide. A surface-mounted clock is an installation in which the dial is placed directly on the face of a church, building, house, clock tower or other structures. Brilliant nighttime illumination is ensured by providing external lights and back-lit options. One benefit to this approach is that you only have to make a single hole to let the wall clock’s shaft move through the wall making it ideal for using at delicate surfaces as well. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading large analog and floral digital clocks supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area with a good reputation. We have been bringing to you a wide range of large wall clocks and personalized wall clocks from some of the world’s finest manufacturers for several years.

Facade Large Digital Clocks

Floral Digital Clocks

Floral Digital Clocks