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Get the best of Security screening solutions for aviation, air cargo, military, law enforcement, embassies and consulates, exhibitors and trade missions -critical applications, for the detection of weapons, explosives and contraband, using

  • X-RAY INSPECTION-Check Point Scanners
  • X-RAY INSPECTION-Large Baggage Scanners
  • X-RAY INSPECTION-Cargo & Pallet Scanners
  • X-RAY INSPECTION-Mobile Screening
  • Vehicle Scanner-Car & Truck Scanners
  • Metal Detectors-Walk Through & Hand Held
  • Explosive & Narcotics detectors
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X-RAY INSPECTION – Mail & Small Parcel Scanners

X-RAY INSPECTION – Check Point Scanners

X-RAY INSPECTION – Large Baggage Scanners

X-RAY INSPECTION – Cargo & Pallet Scanners

X-RAY INSPECTION – Mobile Screening

Vehicle Scanner – Car & Truck Scanners

Metal Detectors-Walk Through & Hand Held

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