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Bearings are very important elements in large infrastructures such as bridges. Bridge bearing ensures load transfer, movement, rotation, vertical or horizontal restraints as required by the design at critical locations in a bridge. Reinforced elastomeric bearings and pot bearings are the most widely used structural bearings. For large rotations, spherical bearings are the best solutions. Pot, Spherical, and Elastomeric bearings can be fixed, guided or free depending on bridge design requirements.

Dutco Tennant LLC has the capability to supply fully integrated bearings, which can be "tailor-made" to meet different design requirements for rotations, restraints, loading, movements, and other requirements. Dutco Tennant LLC provides these different bride bearings: Elastomeric bridge bearings for small and moderate loads, Pot bearings for greater loads, Spherical bearings, for high loads and high rotation requirements. Then there are special bearings for temporary ILM bridges and seismic bearings.

Dutco Tennant has provided Bridge Bearings and Bridge Expansion Joints for several prestigious projects in the Middle East and GCC. Having long experience in this field, we provide pioneering, locally relevant solutions which are tailor-made to meet specific requirements. Our bridge bearings & expansion joints help in making cutting edge, pioneering, and safe structures. Products for bridges such as bridge expansion joints are designed to satisfy international standards.

In the past, Dutco Tennant LLC has supplied solutions for many high profile projects such as Dubai International airport expansion, Dubai parallel Roads etc. We can provide you with more project reference at request. Our head office is in Dubai, UAE, and we have a presence across the GCC countries. Our products are known for their quality, dependability and sturdiness.

Using Dutco Tennant LLC’s product gives you the following advantages:

  • We provide tailor-made bearings for special solutions.  
  • These products are designed according to different international standards.
  • We ensure short delivery times for every product that we supply.
  • We provide turnkey solutions for various Bridge Bearings and Expansion Joints.
  • Dutco Tennant LLC has complete knowledge of different project requirements in the Gulf region and therefore we can provide the best solution.
  • A worldwide network with the most renowned manufacturers.
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