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Several million tonnes of Ducting pipe systems are installed annually in the Middle East and GCC region. This big demand is met by addressing factors like cost-effectiveness, corrosion resistance, and durability. Dutco Tennant LLC has a big stake in providing super strong, chemical resistant metal duct pipes. Among many products, an innovative double wall corrugated pipe is our speciality.  In these pipes, the outer wall is corrugated and the inner wall has a smooth finish to let the hydraulic flow. Plastic duct pipes are suitable for municipal sewer systems, drainage, carrier drains, culverts ducting and venting. We provide PVC ducting pipe as well.

Many project owners prefer flexible Ducting pipes or conduits for use in both direct burial and concrete encased applications for various applications such as power utility, street lighting and communication distribution systems. Duct conduits are the most dependable, inexpensive, and effectual piping material available for use. These pipes are lightweight and durable, which make them suitable to handle chemically abrasive environments. They are easy to install and do not break during handling and setting up. Ducting pipes find application in constructing road bridges, culverts, underpasses, water seepage wells, temporary pavement, old bridges and culverts repairing, mine conveying pipes, municipal drainage ditch, municipal utility tunnel, and other fields. These pipes can be availed in various magnitude, sizes and width as per the specific requirements of clients.

Dutco Tennant LLC supplied duct pipes have following advantages:

  • They satisfy various regional standards and are suitable for use in the Middle East and Gulf region.
  • Produced by superior quality materials.
  • These pipes are available in both super strong polypropylene and standard polyethylene.
  • They support high Temperature resistance.
  • Easy to install and manage.
  • They give tough resistant to chemicals.
  • They are flexible to use.
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Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipes in Coils

Product Image

Double Wall Corrugated PE Pipes in Bars

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