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Road Safety Products - Roads & Utilities

As a leading company in supplying the world class roads and utilities products, we are involved in designing, manufacturing and supplying civil infrastructure equipment, and are committed to helping build a sustainable future. Our company can provide inventive, high performing solutions for a broad variety of building and infrastructure projects, in the Middle East and GCC area helping to create more durable and comfortable roads and utilities, and working environments. Dutco Tenant LLC provides a wide spectrum of roads and utilities products such as Soakaway, Infiltration Tanks, Geosynthetics, Warning Tapes, Cable Tiles, Anchor Bolts, Manhole Cover, Grating, Dowel Bar, Road Safety Products, and Blocking Systems.

Our Roads and Utility Services department provides roads utility services for complete project management assignments for public and private sector contracts. Our teams have skills and extensive experience to do guarantee feasibility, carry out research and observe various operations to suggest the perfect product.

We have solutions for industrial estates, business parks, housing estates, public infrastructure projects, motorway service area planning and other projects. Additionally, we supply products for the redevelopment of roads and crossroads. Our product portfolio has solutions for city centre planning, green corridors, and cycle paths. Other projects that we support are various utility networks’ management such as sanitation, rainwater retention basins, dry utilities, and others. Our product line has different road safety products and anchor bolts.

Our skilled teams also provide support to handle any project in its entirety, from the planning phase through to production and supply. Our normal work portfolio includes a study of access roads, products for connecting to the various road networks, groundwork optimization, heavy-duty and light-duty road network planning, parking, and others. We at Dutco Tennant LLC are fully committed to providing unparalleled customer service. We provide a creative, flexible, and responsive solution for every project. We always work towards delivering our products in a secure, proficient, and well-timed manner.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and famous civil infrastructure solutions provider in the Middle East and Gulf region. We have supplied road safety products for various projects in the Emirates and other countries around such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and others.

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