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Inventive solutions to ensure a high level of security and entry control. Road blocking systems may be efficiently used to stop unauthorized entry. Dutco Tennant LLC supplies many varieties of road blockers and also customized road barriers designed as per specific requirements. We provide many hydraulic and electromechanical road blockers with which different installation possibilities are there. They vary according to diameters, technical specifications, blocking segment heights and can be adapted to multiple needs. Road blockers proficiently protect and block vehicular entry. Durable blocking systems can stop multiple dozen tone vehicles driving at high speed. We have more than four decades of experience in providing automatic and reliable road barrier systems to Gulf and Arab countries.

Our in-house knowledge, experience and high-quality blocking barrier systems gain customer satisfaction worldwide. The standard time of opening and closing is very short. It can provide even fast opening and closing in other situations. If you need roadblocks with high blocking obstacles, we can provide it for customized projects; we make road blockers and parking bollards strictly as per your needs and requirements.

Road blocking systems and vehicle barrier are becoming more and more important everywhere in the world, and as they are reliable, they can provide safety at every place. We provide these solutions which may be used to protect us from damages. In today’s world, safety barriers and barricades for uninvited guests are very necessary. They are used in many places, from blocking roads to safeguarding an area. Road blockers are more and more needed in the modern world.  Blocking Barrier system provides effective protection against offensive vehicles. In a normal position, the barriers are not visible, so that the real defensive measure is not obvious. We have Blocking systems for different dimensions and impact loads.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and famous Blocking Systems provider in the Middle East and GCC area. Contact us for these products in this area.

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