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Warning tapes are used to make people notice the hazardous area so that they can avoid it. They are used extensively in municipal work, construction projects, and in other settings that may require people attention. We provide warning tapes and yellow caution tape which can be used with or without adhesives and can be customized to any length, width, and size that you may want. They are available in various colors, with white and red stripes, or black and yellow stripes. You can further customize the tapes to include your company logo or any other additional signs and images that you may feel necessary.

Dutco Tennant LLC supplies various caution tapes which include non-detectable grades (polyethylene) and detectable grade warning tapes which can be placed with pipe and cable locators. We supply lightweight, environmentally friendly, heavy duty tapes that can be placed along with high-voltage power cables or any other covered services which require greater safety measures.

Our warning tapes or yellow caution tape in roads & utilities sections are made using polyethylene and are used as a warning, defence and protection sign in construction areas. These tapes being tough and long lasting are good for protecting various underground services. Warning and hazard tapes are used to provide a visual warning to excavators so that they can be protected from damage due to excavation. In this way, electrical cables, telephone cables, water pipes and gas pipes, fibre optic cables, and other sensitive properties may be protected from damage by using unique coloured and printed warning tape manufactured and supplied by us.

The products that we provide have been made using latest technology machines, and high-grade raw materials have been used to produce these products. Our clients appreciate our product range for their good tensile strength, toughness and perfect design. Furthermore, we provide various varieties in these products at reasonable prices like safety tape and yellow caution tape. In our stock, we have a wide range of warning tapes for both underground and above ground applications. We can also supply warning tapes as per your custom requirements. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading warning tape supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. Contact us for such requirements in this region.

Detectable - Warning Tape

Non-Detectable - Warning Tape