• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Each day at Dutco Tennant LLC we seek to bring better solutions for you. It is the great product quality and our brand’s reliability that we have so many loyal customers in the Middle East and GCC area where we operate. Many years’ experience, collaborating with our clients, and our modernism has produced premium-quality surveying accessories like tripod, batteries, prisms, rechargeable batteries and more product accessories.

Magnificent surveying accessories like chargers and batteries which we provide are entirely matched to requirements and will assist you in reliably securing power supply in the field. Additional accessories like Tripods and Prisms are available in various sizes for different application areas. You can choose the correct accessories for every instrument from our assortment.

Contact us for good quality surveying accessories in the Middle East and Gulf area. Our special catalog is devoted to surveying products. With advancement in surveying technology, the customers’ requirements are changing towards more inventive products, and all the time we focus on latest technology combining human principles like fairness. Summing it up, we're your partners! Providing better solutions every day is the driving force behind our work. For the last four decades, we have been providing world-class surveying solutions like rechargeable batteries for business in this area to meet our customers’ requirement. Clients here know us for our principles.

And thanks to our rich product range, we have the right solutions for every requirement. Even in the coming future, consultants and contractors in the Emirate region and around will be able to get precision and proven quality products from us.