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Quality cable avoidance tools are provided by us which alert user that there are buried cables beneath the ground. In order to do safe excavation, cable locating tools should be used to find cables before excavation projects. Using such tools can evade wound, damage, cost and downtime, and protect people and tools. If you strike underground cables by mistake it can lead to injury, burns, explosions, and other hazards, to name a few. Modern cable detection products enable you to precisely and speedily detect underground cables. These machines send audio/video signals to alert you about underground cable’s presence. We provide products that make it safe, economical to detect underground pipes and cables.

Utilizing next-gen technology, we provide cable avoidance tools that offer a better and safer way to detect pipe and cables beneath the ground. We work with global vendors to offer you the latest products featuring the newest technology like multi-frequency signal detection, data logging, GPS, and Automatic Self Testing. We are committed to providing useful cable avoidance tools which provide unparalleled service and use. Quality being our primary concern, we supply cable locator, cable avoidance tools, pipe & cable location equipment and accessories which are designed to accurately locate buried service lines prior to excavations. We provide world class quality and technical features in our product which are difficult to get elsewhere.

Established over four decades ago, Dutco Tennant LLC collaborates with global manufacturers to provide latest cable avoidance solutions which work as a signal generator and frequency generator. We supply equipment which is used for detecting underground pipe and cable location to the national utility service providers like Gas, Power, Water and Telecommunications, as well as to the companies providing engineering services for building and highways construction, railways and general groundwork.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and famous civil infrastructure products supplier in the Middle East and GCC area. We provide many such types of equipment in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Oman, Qatar, and other nations. Contact us for good quality underground cable locator, and other such products in this area.

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