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Everywhere, surveyors rely on multiple technological tools to do their daily tasks from survey data collection to data processing. GIS provides the necessary tools to connect every link of a project together, and gives a base to share information with the departments that use survey data to accomplish their tasks. Software’s unique capabilities convert geographic data into spatial information that forms a basis for a better understanding of the world around us.

Dutco Tennant LLC’s GIS collectors simplify data capture tasks for GIS field workers. Wield the strength of advanced technology in one extraordinarily compact device. These devices are so easy to use that they will become your friendly tool. Besides, our tools give accurate result so that you are sure about the results. Their extraordinary productivity will let you accomplish a lot each day so that you won’t miss a thing. Inventive design includes enough ruggedness to hold up the pressures of any work site. They are covered with a manufacturer warranty and come with durable dust and waterproof rating. You can work remotely from anywhere using these devices that stream GNSS positions.

The primary challenge in the GIS collectors’ field is GNSS-denied environments. Putting together consistent and exact positioning data is very difficult in such areas. This problem has been solved in the latest, innovative technologies provide by leading vendors. We bring you instruments that combine the best measurement technology with the best GIS technology to provide you latest solution in mobile data capturing. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading, famous supplier who provides Leica zeno, Zeno collector, and Leica zeno field products in the Middle East and Gulf countries.

Chief advantages offered by our products are:

  • Lets you use your own device and get better results everywhere
  • Easily collect high-accuracy, geospatial data on your mobile device.
  • Integrates well with all existing Android, Apple, and Windows smart devices to offer advanced GNSS functionality and industry-leading technology to your hands.
  • Comes with strong, flexible and easy-to-use smart antenna.
  • Makes accurate data collection possible in real-time even in the most difficult locations without utilizing mobile data connection.
  • Our solutions are compact and lightweight making it possible to work for long hours in all conditions.
  • Provides detailed, accurate mapping at your fingertips easily.
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ZENO GG04 – GIS Collectors

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ZENO GG03 – GIS Collectors

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ZENO 20 – GIS Collectors

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ZENO 20 & 910 – GIS Collectors

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CS25 – GIS Collectors

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CS25 GNSS Plus – Gis Collectors

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ZENO 5 – Gis Collectors

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