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Pipe Laser from the world’s best manufacturers is available with us. You can ask for the best construction laser levels which are quick to use and offer better accuracy on various jobs. The laser levels which we have in our inventory are strong, durable, and user-friendly professional-grade tools. Many construction professionals believe that laser tools are mandatory to stay competitive in the industry. Our laser leveling tools are used for various civil infrastructure works just such as leveling, plumbing, machine controlled excavation work, landscaping, measuring elevation and distance, alignment, site-prep positioning, concrete leveling, residential and many other construction job site tasks.

We provide self-leveling construction pipe laser from top brands. Whether you're looking for GNSS lasers or self-leveling rotating lasers, interior laser levels or levels for measuring long distances accurately, we have what you need. Rotary laser levels are used to give a 360-degree level laser line around a site. In our stock, we have some models which are for indoor use only, while others will handle indoor and outdoor tasks. Rotary lasers provide greater range than line generators and are suitable for bigger and exterior work sites.

Quality line laser levels in our product range, also known as "Line Generators", are used mainly for single site interior work, like for wall or ceiling. Many line generators show cross-hair lines. Going by the model types, some will project diverse patterns including cross-hair, single lines, and even both are a combination.

Compact Pipe Laser, on the other hand, is used to doing pipe alignment and help in grade setting. They show a single dot towards the laser’s front and usually come with brackets and hardware to fix to pipe or manholes for good alignment. Dutco Tennant LLC is a leading and reliable civil infrastructure product supplier in the Middle East and Gulf area. We serve countries like Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Kuwait, Qatar and more places around.

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