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Quality automatic and digital level surveying are provided by us from rugged, economical construction levels to modern digital levels with advanced electronic technology. Levels offered by us are quick to set, give exact data, and lead every price to performance comparison charts.

Automatic surveying levels are Leveling tools used by land surveying professionals and engineers who want accurate leveling every time. Such levels are set up fast, are easily usable, and save your time and money for every job. We provide various Automatic Levels which give you options like magnification, exact data, and cost. Automatic levels are good for doing Fence Building, Foundation Installation, Deck Building, Landscaping, Sports complex building, Residential complex building, Municipal work, Land excavations, and others. Working with Automatic Levels is simple and you have to level the instrument by hand. It is easier to level, quick to Level and gives greater accuracy. We provide automatic levels of major brands.

Along with Automatic levels we provide digital surveying levels as well which are used for digital leveling. We provide field-proven digital level surveying which has been designed to work in any job site where quick and exact leveling is required. Use our solutions for exact leveling of flat and inclined surfaces, making land profiles, and other tasks.

Our digital level surveying has been designed to work optimally every day whatever your surveying job’s requirement is. Such levels have been built rugged, and have been made dust- waterproof to take the unfavorable conditions of the job site. A hind light on the screen and the circular bubble’s light keep you working even when daylight is low. You can work for many days with Digital Level surveying without requiring a battery change.

NA 300 - Automatic Levels

NA 500 - Automatic Levels

NA 700 - Automatic Levels

NA2-NAK 2 - Automatic Levels

LS15 & 10 - Digital Levels

SPRINTER 50 - Digital Levels

SPRINTER 150 - Digital Levels

SPRINTER 250 & 150 - Digital Levels

NIVEL 210_220 - Inclination Sensor