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No matter how beautiful and qualified wall & floor coverings used in the decoration applications are,they won't give an aesthetic view if the finishing details are not solved in the right way.Moreover if not protected suitably, floor and wall corners coming under impacts will be scratched, shattered and a bad image will come out. Finishing profiles are considered as the best assistants to architects and decorators to eliminate all those problems. Profiles designed to clear up all of the architectural details give anaesthetic aspect at the junctions and edges of parquet,carpet,vinyl,ceramic,marble,graniteand at the transitions with elevation difference. Our profiles are made of aluminum, brass, stainless steel and PVC.

Our threshold profiles are aluminum transition profiles that are used in front of doors to cover the gap and bad view occurred between 2 different floors. Our Parquet edge profiles protects the edge of parquet against risk of breakage, wear and tear and carpet profiles gives a decorative view at the carpet covered areas. Level difference profiles are used on floors with different elevations for an easy crossing.Stair nosings prevent wearing and sliping at treads of stairs and give a decorative aspect.

Anti slip tapes are used at the places with slipping risk, especially at the edges of stair nosing profiles.Movement control joints are movement control profiles that are made of Aluminum, PVC, Brass or Stainless Steel andused at the movement joints of floorings. Skirtingsfunctions at the junction of 2 different materials and covers the breakings and deformations formed horizontally or vertically. Internal angle profiles are used at the junctions of floors & walls where hygienic cleanliness is required. Border line profiles are used jointly with the tiles for decorative purposes. Corner guard profilesprotect the corners of ceramic coated walls against outer impacts, and prevent deformation andfurnish a decorative view.

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