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Dutco’s sales team is very active in grabing the market share of public seating solutions by giving comfortable, reliable, durable and easy to maintain seats. Our seating system has been individually configured for use in worldwide projects.

Our Auditorium/lecture hall range is suitable for all the schools, universities, convention centres and training rooms with advanced features and offers a good ergonomic support with different designs and styles. We have proved how big we are when it comes to public seating by installing our unique seats to renowned airports in the Middle East.

We have been continuouslymaking modificationson stylesand features to match with the new generation needs when it comes to cinema seating, stadium seating and retractable seating. Our retractable seating is an excellent technological system composed of multi-tiered platforms that uses limited space/arena for multi-purpose usage. Our stadium chairs meet the meticulous standards of audience safety, durability and easy maintenance.

Airport Seating

Auditorium/Lecture Hall Seating

Fixed Stadium Seating


Retractable Seating