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Microscopy is the field of study in which microscopes are used to view samples & objects that cannot be seen through unaided eye. Such objects are not within the resolution range of the normal eye. This field of science deals with viewing objects or specimens which are so small that they cannot be seen with unaided human eye. In this technical field, Microscopy components such as microscopes or other objects are used to obtain greater detail of examined samples.

You can use microanalysis tools to use specific illumination methods to enhance detail or contrast. Many microscopes, these days, are compatible with other devices like computers and cameras to enable images or videos to be stored or projected on a monitor, and allow them to be saved for later examination. Microscopists find in detail the properties for various materials ranging from soft to very hard, from non-living materials to living organisms, to better understand their properties.

About Microscopy Tools:

A famous and useful form of microscope tools called atomic force microscope (AFM) is a primary technique used for enabling research at all levels, the high-resolution data obtained from these microscopes has helped researchers for many decades in various disciplines and fields. Dutco Tennant LLC has been leading the expansion of atomic force microscope (AFM) capabilities by supplying these equipment to many clients in the Middle East and GCC area. Over the past few years, we have partnered with many manufacturers around the globe to help them develop innovative capabilities in various discipline of science. AFM combines resolution and speed for doing materials research for education and industrial production.

Microscopy like digital microscope and light microscope takes full advantage of core imaging techniques to let researchers do their job, and Dutco Tennant LLC is uniquely positioned to provide material research products, direction, and support for your micro research needs. Our company has been providing quality optical microscope products to the Middle East and GCC area for around four decades, and in the past years we have provided state-of-the-art equipment from global vendors to fulfill the Middle East’s requirements. Contact us for quality solution in this area.

Atomic Force Microscope

Atomic Force Microscope