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As a pioneering supplier of advanced Aviation & Aerospace equipments for more than 40 years, Dutco Tennant LLC has earned the reputation for being number one aviation training product supplier. Our products are counted for reliability, high-performance, and technical superiority around the world. These products find use in world’s most sophisticated aircraft.

Always incorporating new technology, always dependable, always ready to supply latest products made with best technology, Dutco Tennant LLC serves as a valued member of the global aviation and aerospace training equipment supplier community, delivering suave aviation products for technology colleges in the Middle East and Gulf area.

Features of Aviation & Aerospace Equipment :

Manufacturer of advanced aerospace products which are used in aviation and aerospace training including power sources suitable for avionics applications. The company has a variety of training equipment suitable for different aircraft models, ranging from small single-piston engine to larger twin-engine aircraft. In addition to jet engines trainers, we have various trainers’ equipments which we provide to teach students servicing, check, problem solving, and aircraft systems and components repair.

Our turnkey aviation technology education solutions provide students thrilling hands-on experience in aviation technology education. We provide complete aviation technical training aids and preservation training systems for aviation training schools. The avionic instruments set supplied by us includes training sets for simulators for airframe and powerplant workings training, and a complete package of instructors’ tools like CDs, DVDs, and others products – each one providing the best possible training experience to our students.

Backed by more than four decades of experience, Dutco Tennant LLC is the training equipment supplier partner of choice of leading aircraft training providers the world over. With inventive training equipment solutions supplier and comprehensive package to train students, Dutco Tennant LLC is the best suited associate to support your students and trainees evolving aviation training and resourcing needs.

With deep experience in providing first-class aircraft training equipment, our company knows the importance of having the correct tool set for effective training delivery. Discover our innovative series training equipment products, which include ground based training solutions to complete flight simulators, and enhance your students’ knowledge.

Avionics &  Instrumentation

Avionics & Instrumentation

Jet Engines Trainers

Jet Engines Trainers

Aerospace Maintenance

Aerospace Maintenance