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Lubricants play a major role in machine performance. To achieve greater performances, we need specialized lubricant which has to work even in the lowest temperature range or even at high temperature.

Things run smoother with the right lubricating oil. Speciality lubricating oils with good penetration and wetting abilities protect reliably against friction and wear. It's important to select the right oil for your application and you will find the matching solution for your application in our wide product range. Generally the demand for lubricants is higher in industries such as automotive, printing, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Keeping our synchronization with the evolutions taking place in this immensely competitive industry, we are occupied in delivering ‘Speciality Lubricants’ throughout the UAE and other gulf countries. Our range of Speciality Lubricants are long lasting, effective and safe to use. By choosing lubricants from our comprehensive product range, you benefit from all the aforementioned advantages.

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