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Dust Suppression Systems can be extremely cost effective alternative to Dust Extraction Systems for fugitive dust control, particularly in bulk material handling plants. At times, it is the only solution when it comes to large dust-prone area and stockpiles, which cannot be controlled by dust extraction for practical and economical reasons.

The inclusion of Dust Suppression Systems has become a standard and is today an integral part of a material handling system to prevent fugitive dust nuisance which violates environmental norms, adversely affects plant and machinery life & operation and reduces workplace productivity. The system also has a payback as it prevents loss of raw material during handling and also provides the additional benefit of not having a secondary pollution problem as the dust is retained in the material itself.

The Dust Suppression Systems are custom designed to suit specific applications after a detailed analysis of the site conditions and can be used in the following areas

  • Wagon/Truck Tipplers
  • Dump/Track Hoppers
  • Barge Loaders/Unloaders
  • Stacker/Reclaimer
  • Crusher/Screen Discharge
  • Vibrating/Paddle/Apron Feeders
  • Belt Conveyor Transfer Points
  • Stockpile/Stockyards
Fog Based Dust Suppression System

Fog Based Dust Suppression System