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Dutco Tennant LLC provides high-quality general purpose Isolation Gate valves. These Gate Valves are the best solution for doing flow isolation in the Irrigation piping systems. Our Valves are designed with best matters to protect from failure due to corrosion or dezincification. Our Valves provide consistent wall thickness and exact seating tolerances to give long term reliable services.

Our valves have unique design; they have sliding gate design which provides leak proof control. They are equipped with Buttress Threaded Bonnet & Gland Nut for snap proof work and better performance. You get various options like Threaded and Solvent weld for secure connectivity with system. Our Valves have specially designed handle for slow opening & closure with a percentage indicator to avoid water.

These Gate Valves have multi start Brass Spindle for quick and trouble free performance. They also come with innovative and compact design which allows straight through flow with minimal pressure drop. These valves have new wedge and stem technology which works smoothly with outstanding low torque values.

We have a tradition of high-quality and genuine quality valves, Dutco Tennant LLC are a recognized leader in providing water control products for agriculture uses. In recent years, we have expanded our full line of agriculture water control Gate Valves and Air or Pressure Relief Valves to provide long time longevity and performance.

Irrigation network Gate Valves for everybody use:

  • It has new guiding system for the wedge and male composite sliding skate to easily achieve the endurance test required by International standards.
  • Comes with Bayonet stuffing nut and three O-rings to guarantee tightness throughout the stem.
  • Three locking tab for bayonet system to prevent self-dismantling, leakage and blow up risk.
  • It has two types body length: Long pattern (serie S15) and Short pattern (serie S14).
  • Can handle a nominal Pressure of: PN16
  • Flange drilling capacity: PN10 Or PN16
  • Epoxi coating and Enamel coating which can handle high temperature range.
Rising Stem Gate Valves

Rising Stem Gate Valves

Non Rising Stem Gate Valves

Non Rising Stem Gate Valves