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Dutco Tennant LLC provides Stainless steel stop logs (Penstocks) which have been especially designed for Irrigation network and Landscaping. These Penstocks/Stoplogs have been made using duplex steel. The frames in these Penstocks/Stoplogs can be: Channel or wall mounted, they may have bidirectional sealing, they have sizes in the range 50x150 and 2mx2m, you can get larger size Penstocks/Stoplogs as well.

We provide Lifting devices as well – you can get Lifting poles or lifting beams dependent on size. The slide in the Penstock and Stoplogs is built using multiple logs which are placed on top of each other in the frame. By putting extra logs Or removing logs, you can allows to control the flow of a channel in a economical way.

The sealing system is included on both laterals and bottom area of each log, providing a perfect seal without the requirement of wedges on the gate. The frame of our Landscape and Irrigation Penstock and Stoplogs are usually embedded in a concrete, but there are designs which may be fitted to walls mounted or you can even fix them in an existing channel.

Dutco Tennant LLC offers one solution for all channel applications: It allows easy installation in front or inside channels, plus it has superior corrosion resistance which makes it your first choice for multiple channel applications. It has pre-tensioned sealing which is tight even under low seating or unseating head positions giving it its outstanding sealing qualities.

What are the important features of our Irrigation network Penstock/Stoplogs:

  • Our Penstock/Stoplogs are suitable for wall mounting with a square or rectangular opening.
  • They come in a standard size range: 150 to 2000mm, even larger sizes available.
  • You can get fabricated stainless steel frame and slide, resilient rubber sealing which has either non-rising spindle or rising spindle.
  • With these penstock/Stoplogs Flush invert is also available.•        They are bi-directional and their sizes are till 1200 x 1200mm.
  • Different sizes uni-directional and bi-directional Penstocks are available.
  • These devices have been designed according to DIN 19569-4.
  • Leak proof – they allow lower leakage than allowable in DIN 19569-4 (class 5)
  • They have replaceable seals.
IN Penstock / Stoplogs

IN Penstock / Stoplogs