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Valves play a very critical role in the marine industry. As ships become larger and are used more frequently, they require the ability to generate power, treat and manage wastewater and control HVAC, as well as perform their required tasks. The size and application of the ship will determine the different types and number of valves on board. Valves are used for almost all machinery systems on ships. Valves are used to regulate the loading and storage of a ship’s power supply, provide water for fire-fighting capabilities, handle and processes wastewater and store any liquid cargo, among many other applications. Any valve that processes sea water must be durable, and all marine valves must be reliable due to lack of resources once out at sea.

The most common valves on ships and barges are gate, globe, check, Ball & Butterfly valves. Extra space is always at a premium on a ship.

Other types of Valves & related items used are Strainers, Quick Closing Valves, Storm Valves, Fire Hose Valves, Safety Valves, Expansion Joints, Couplings, Level Gauges, etc.

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