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The use of metals and alloys like cast iron, steel, stainless steel and alloy steel has been a part of our human history for ages. In recent years, even though the demand for nonferrous metals and new non-metallic materials has increased dramatically, world metal and alloy production and use have also risen steeply, and are still the mainstay of manufacturing. In addition, the safety and reliability requirements for these products have also increased.

The metal used in different machines or structures requires are different from each. For instance, metal used in a bridge is different from the metal used in a car fender. Each has varying mechanical properties which must be verified via testing to ensure safe use in the intended application. DTs metal testing solutions are used all over the world by companies who need to make sure their metal materials make the grade. Regardless of which metals you work with or how you need to test them, DT offers accurate, reliable, rugged, easy to use testing systems specific to your requirements.

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Universal Testing Machine

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Impact Testing

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