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Welcome to Dutco Tennant LLC - a leading provider of solar testing equipment. We also provide accredited calibration and installation services. More than just a supplier, our company provides solutions that help our customers increase efficiency, reduce repairs, and improve quality. Dutco Tennant LLC’s mission is to help you lower the overall cost of ownership of Solar Energy equipment and instrumentation while maintaining the good quality that your company wants. Dutco Tennant LLC has pledged to always bring out the most effective, inexpensive and environment-friendly solution for our customers and this makes us stand out as a leading supplier of industrial and engineering products in the Middle East and GCC region. We have earned the trust of thousands of people around the world who have been getting the best solution for all their requirements from us for the past four decades.

We offer advance Solar Power Test Equipment which you can trust for correctness and steadiness. Our strategic partners enable us to be a single place to shop for instruments from operation to maintenance of a solar site. As a company, we provide industrial supply solutions through our buying power and widespread procurement experience those industry leaders across a broad range of industries trust. We deliver value, service, and results. At Dutco Tennant LLC, we strive to be your one-stop-shop for everything solar and beyond.

Why Purchase Solar Testing Equipment From Us:

The company proposes various ranges of products featuring advanced features. We also provide combined Solar Simulators and Light Soakers. Our different material testing product lines benefit from the exceptional characteristics of the advanced products. While standard equipment is routinely available, you can opt for customized solutions for super-sized machines. Inquiries are welcome! We provide correct, reasonably priced solutions for testing, measuring, and classifying nonstop and pulsed solar simulators.

It is important to quickly and accurately measure electrical power output and related characteristics of PV cells, modules, and panels. This information is critical for solar manufacturers to make sure that their products will perform up to promised levels in their outdoor life. One can use a solar tracker to test the cells, modules, and panels under a set of homogeneous conditions. The solar simulators in our supply imitate the natural sunlight that the panels will face when installed. Each solar simulator has been tested to ensure they meet ASTM and IEC standards for three areas: spectral match, spatial uniformity, and temporal stability. Contact us for good quality solar testing equipment and solar panel testing equipment in the Middle East and GCC.

Solar Testing Equipment

Solar Testing Equipment