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District Cooling has become a essential Utility for sustainable economic and urban development given the development that has been happening in this Region over the past few years.

District Cooling is production of Chilled water in a centralized Plant and delivered via underground Insulated pipe Network to Offices, Residential & Industrial Buildings within a District. Hence along with other utilities like Water and Electricity, District Cooling is also another Energy service provider.

This is a more economical solution in terms of cost and energy for Districts with highly populated Residential or Commercial buildings, Universities, Airports, Military Bases etc.

We cater to the district cooling sector with an extensive range of products including Valves, Dismantling Joints, Expansion Joints, Suction Diffusers, Strainers, BTU Meters / Flow meters, Pipe supports, Pipe Hanger Supports, Link Seals / HDPE Spacers, Sluice Gates, Mud Valves, Air Vents.

Each of these products are offered vide GCC Countries in collaboration with Manufacturers / Brand who are well established and known for their Quality in this industry for many years.

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Butterfly Valves

Check Valves

Float Valve

Relief Valves

Air Vents


Suction Diffusers

Sluice Gates

Mud Valve

Grooved Fitting

Dismantling Joints

Expansion Joints

Link Seals

Plug Valves

Pipe Supports

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