• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

Complete Range of Drainage products and systems like Floor Drains, Roof Drains, Parking Area Drains, Area Drains, Interceptors and more designed to deliver superior functionality for commercial, industrial, and residential applications :

  • Uniquely engineered solutions from the experts in drainage systems
  • Fast installation to save time and cut labor costs
  • Solid construction to reduce jobsite delays
  • Design and material compliance to satisfy specification and local code Requirements
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Roof Drains

Floor Drains

Pit Drain with Back Water Valve

Area Drain

Floor Cleanouts

Trench Drains

Funnel Floor Drain

Planter Drain

Vent Cap

Rain Water Shoe

Grease Interceptor

Oil Interceptor

Sediment Interceptor

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