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A thermostatic mixing valve mixes cold and hot water to obtain mixed water at a stabilized temperature. It operates through automatic management of the admission of the hot and cold water, depending on the set point that is displayed in the handle. The automatic control is carried out entirely by the internal thermostat.

TMV or Thermostatic Mixing Valve is installed in sanitary systems to avoid the risks of burns and scalding, comfort when using hot water, and to enjoy considerable energy savings. TMV can also be installed in boiler room, next to wall boilers, or water accumulation boilers or in the distribution cabinets in case of pliable sanitary systems. It is of great use when installed in boilers for solar systems since the temperature of the accumulation tank reaches very high temperature, especially during summers.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve helps increase water heater output by up to 40%. It ensures that the system components such as tap heads, seats, and solenoid valves do not get encrusted with scale, thus extending the life of the piping and equipment. It is commonly accepted that a thermostatic mixing valve results in energy saving of 30% compared to simple mixing valve.

TMV - Lead Free Bronze