• Dutco Tennant LLC, PO Box 233, Dubai, U.A.E.

In keeping with our commitment to being a complete solution provider, we have developed a reliable sales and service network across the UAE. For our customer's convenience, we have a 24 hr service help-line to ensure round-the-clock attention. Our service team consists of well-trained technical personnel to look into any problem should the need arise.

Our Value Added Services includes Annual service, Operation & maintenance, plant audit, revamp & retrofit etc.

Product Inspection & Supervision, Maintenance, Troubleshooting of problems detected, Replacement of spare parts and in addition, the on-site investigation is carried out by our professional sales and service team as well.

Dutco strives to excel and continuously improve its after-sales service and spare parts support. The desired spare parts are delivered within the shortest possible time. Thus, efficient service and spare parts support network has been set-up within the country and worldwide.

Dutco Tennant offers an eminent after-sales service which is characterized by a fast identification and solutions of the tasks. Our after-sales and service departments solve both acute problems and maintenance tasks. Our customers mean a lot to us and we feel that it is our duty to make sure that our products deliver value to our customers for year after year. With a service agreement on preventive service with our local sales and service office, optimum operation of the water treatment plant can be guaranteed.

We give utmost importance to closeness to our customers as we know how important fast and competent service assistance is for a modern factory and waterworks. With numerous local offices all over the Middle East, we have local service technicians for your service. The local representations ensure quick and precise service of your plant all over the region. We help you to solve all your problems either over the phone or by sending out a service technician to the site.

We also guarantee a high safety of delivery on spare parts. Our service vans are equipped with a broad range of spare parts of which the main part is of own production, among other things, salt for softening plants, test kit for periodic control of the hardness of the water after treatment in softening plant, fittings for filtration plants and ion exchange plants, membranes for RO plants, filter bags, and wear parts and spare parts in general.

We also offer annual service and maintenance contracts, for more details you may contact us directly.

Annual Maintanence Contracts and Operation & Maintenance Contracts

Annual Maintanence Contracts and Operation & Maintenance Contracts