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Water Filtration is an indispensable technique used in Water Treatment Plants to filter out suspended particles and/or pollutants from water so as to make it safe for drinking and for other domestic/commercial use. In this consequence, DT has been providing industrial manufacturers with the best in water filter technology for over three decades. These Filtration Equipments/ Systems are very beneficial, as it uses advanced technology to purify water by eliminating suspended solids, oils, and other contaminants from water.

Capable of removing all the impurities from water, the equipments and systems generates high filtration efficiency. Our line of water filtration equipments consist of Demineralizer & Deionizer, Iron Removal Filter, Ultra Filtration & UV Water Purification , Water Softener & Ion Exchanger.

Offered at reasonable price, our range is energy efficient, durable and requires less maintenance, hence find their application in various industries like Food, Pharma, Chemical, Edible oil, Petroleum, Fertilizer and Mining.

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Demineralizer & Deionizer

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Iron Removal Filter

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Ultra Filtration & Uv Water Purification

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Water Softener & Ion Exchanger

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