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Irrigation Check Valve:

A gate valve opens by elating a round or rectangular wedge out of the path of the fluid in the pipeline. In gate valves, the sealing surfaces between the gate and seats are planar, so gate valves are ideally used when a linear flow of fluid and very less restriction is desired.

Irrigation & landscaping check valves let water flow in one direction but prevent flow in the opposite direction. Though Check valves are used in a wide variety of uses, irrigation check valves are used in landscaping and irrigation to preventing backflow.

Dutco Tennant LLC provides a wide range Check valve including a 4-inch irrigation check valve for use in irrigation & landscaping applications. These industrial check valves are used to prevent backflow in water irrigation lines. Dutco’s ball check valves for long have delivered high performance and provided cost savings and results that are difficult to find elsewhere. Our landscaping check valves are made up of high-grade materials that remove corrosion problems and offer astonishing designs; these valves don’t have mechanical parts to catch debris, decompose or fail.

A very common application of irrigation & landscaping check valves is to stop backflow when the pumps are closed. Pump design decides which check valves can be used in the pipeline. Therefore, Dutco provides a wide range of check valves. These check valves have been manufactured by cast iron and other high corrosion-resistant materials. Our valves have been fully equipped with arrangements to stop valve failure.

For different irrigation & landscaping conditions, different types of check valves are used, which allow the water to flow in only one direction in a pipeline. If you want we can supply you fully automatic valves that do not require manual control by a person; as a result, most of the large size valves do not have any valve handle or stem. In our supply, we have stainless steel check valves, metal seated swing type check valves, ball type check valves, metal seated tilted disc check valves and wafer check valves.

We provide all sorts of solutions for different irrigation & landscaping projects. We supply industrial check valves, irrigation Check Valves and wafer check valve for landscaping and irrigation in the GCC countries. Dutco collaborates with a lot of valve manufacturers in the world to supply valves that aid in successful project completion. You can get in touch with us if you want our help in any irrigation & landscaping project in the Gulf region.

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Swing Type Check Valves, Metal Seated

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Tilted Disc Check Valve, Metal Seated

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Wafer Check Valve

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