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Di Pipes & Fittings:

Because of its finer qualities, ductile cast iron can be used to device a superior irrigation & landscaping system. Dutco Tennant LLC collaborates with a lot of manufacturers around the world to provide a wide range of equipment of superior qualities and strengths which are made up of ductile cast iron pipes to meet the requirements of irrigation networks. All our ductile iron pipes and fittings are available in wide range diameters.

At Dutco Tennant LLC, we pride ourselves on being able to say “yes.” for every requirement. All our skilled employees have been trained to listen to customers’ requirements and do whatever it takes to fulfil your request – even if that means going further ahead than their specific roles.

Our product inventory is very vast so that you can meet all the requirements at one place. You can get in touch with us or visit us at our Dubai location to further discuss our offerings. At our place, you can find all the trusted brands, right here, in Dubai.

We provide a wide variety of DI pipes & fittings, which are produced with an exterior coating of pure zinc and are covered by a layer of epoxy coatings, these pipes have an internal protective layer of cement lining that goes with irrigation water.

These Di pipes & fittings provide optimal performance. Our DI pipes have fittings, linings and coatings that together provide a pipeline which offers high-speed flow, flexibility for curved routes, low leakage rate, and high resistance to the corrosiveness of cultivated land that contains fertilizer and other corrosive substances.

These pipes have very straightforward installation. As with all our tools, installation of ductile iron spigot pipes is very simple and can be done with standard site tools, not requiring the need for experts. These robust, leak-proof solutions have been designed by experts to perfectly match the requirements of irrigation projects.

The DI spigot pipes for water that we supply have the following properties.

  • Made to bear an internal high pressure of irrigation water lines.
  • All our DI pipes have been designed to withstand large external pressures in both above ground and underground installations.
  • Irrigation water approved internal and external coatings.
  • All our ductile iron pipes and fittings have been designed as per industry standards.
  • These pipes can undergo easy installation and repair.
  • These products have been covered by long-term manufacturer warranty.

Dutco Tennant LLC is a reputed name in DI cast iron spigot pipes suppliers for the entire Middle East and GCC region. We have completed various projects in the Arab world.

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